What is the difference between Studio monitors and speakers?

I have seen alot of DJ's and in studios have Studio monitors.They are not big but I know alot of DJ's use them. What is the difference between studio monitors and just normal, for example bookshelf speakers? I currently have two bookshelf speakers, same style and size as normal studio monitors. What are the pros and cons between the two? Should I get monitors? Please help.. thank you


The speakers I currently use have pretty good sound on their own, very good highs and mids.

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    Studio speakers are placed above the mixing console,

    one meter apart and one meter away from each ear of the

    audio engineer. These speakers are designed to faithfully

    reproduce all the audible frequencies at the same level.

    'Pink Noise' is a tool that audio engineers use to set up

    and equalize a sound system for the best performance.

    Pink noise is a noise that contains all of the frequencies

    at once. Blue Noise is all lows and rolls down (in db level)

    as the frequencies increase. White Noise is all highs and

    rolls up as the frequencies (across a spectrum analyzer's

    scale) increase. These speakers are more expensive than

    your common book shelf units. You can use your book shelf

    speakers as studio monitors, but will require an equalizer

    to boost the frequencies that they tend not to reproduce well.

    Studio speakers are powered by a clean amplifier, like an

    Altec Lansing, BGW or a Crown. These units can be very

    expensive; so you might want to keep it simple. You can

    use most any amp for your app as long as it's clean. The

    equalizer will take care of any short comings of both the

    speakers and the amp you choose.

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    Studio Monitors Vs Speakers

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    If you are happy with your current speakers, then keep them.

    Professional powered monitors do sound great though. You will be amazed at the sound you can get from a pair of 8 inch powered monitors like these:


    I use a pair of these connected to my home theater receiver - they sound great for movies - music or whatever.

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    I got a pair of Klipsch RP260, they are not monitors actually I think they are but they are floorstanding,better than the speakers I had before. I use them to make music and listen to music and watch movies they sound amazing. Thanks everyone!

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