What are your divorce horror stories?

I would love to hear some divorce horror stories...please make them as amusing as possible. Thank you in advance.


What would give you the impression I was a woman..lol, the photo, name...and, yep I am physically ill at the moment and can't sleep...so, serious and humerous replies only.

Update 2:

@PBM That is a horrible story! I am sorry that happened to you.

Update 3:

@GOR Yes, Hitler and I are now done.

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    Hey Eva, why do u have THAT screen name? Just curious. Anyway, most divorce stories are horrific, but here's one which may b tame to you(being Eva Braun), but not to me. A boy married a girl for her dowry $. Then he let her go after he didnt receive what he wanted(he got what he asked for; and then some). He made the girl's life hell. His whole family did this too. The girl couldnt take it anymore, she is still wondering how she kept her sanity. He filed for annulment based on fraud. ASAP. He wanted court and lawyer fees, and fees for emotional distress. All these were unspecified amounts. But never showed up for trial. So the case was dropped. Then, he petitioned the court to have the file re-opened, stating he was out of the country for work. Then she counter filed for faster proceedings. Then he rarely showed up for HIS hearings. He never showed up for hers. Six months after she filed her case, she got her divorce. It takes a month for the decree to come down from court. During this time, he and she had a hearing at religious court to determine if there were grounds for annulment. The church determined that there was grounds for it based on fraud due to the misunderstanding of the petitioner of the respondant's problems(she had a lot of congenital medical problems which he knew, but he skated around it since he didnt know it in detail). But he never asked for specs, so the girl thought all was well. Anyway, the annulment process goes through two courts, a lower one and higher one. He got the lower court order, and on the last page of it, it states the annulment process isnt final, so this paper doesnt absolve parties of marriage, therefore they CAN NOT get married in a churach based on the lower court ruling alone. BUT, a month after she got HER civil divorce court ruling(no papers yet), HE went and got married...IN A CHURCH, by a PRIEST!

    Source(s): my story
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    Why make them amusing if they are horrible? What kind of SICK woman are you??

    Edit: Why are you going through a bad divorce and need some relief or somthing? Is that why you are asking?

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