Leukemia symptoms & diagnosis time line?


I've got a question about Leukemia symptoms. I'm probably overreacting, but for the last couple of weeks I've been very tired and I had a huge bruise on my leg (inner calf) show up with a knot in it.;It wasn't sore. I can't remember hitting my leg on anything, but I've always bruised fairly easily and the bruises never have gotten very sore. My lymph nodes in my neck are also swollen a little bit.

My question is how long did most Leukemia patients have these symptoms before they went to their doctor for a blood test and examination to see if they had leukemia?

Thanks in advance for your responses.

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    9 years ago
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    First of all, I hope you're OK. My son was just diagnosed with leukemia(AML). He was feeling sick for about a week. He was tired and had a bit of a fever. We took him to the pediatrician and they told us he could just have the flu, they sent us home with antibiotic. That was on Friday. On Sunday we got home from church and he went straight to his room and went to bed! That never happens in my house! That night he only ate 2 bites of his dinner and his fever was still there. When he woke up on Monday he had a bruise on his stomach. Big and purple, and not tender. He's a hemophiliac as well, so he injected his factor, but a little later his gums started bleeding, and little after that his nose. We went ahead and took him to the E.R. They ran a CBC and came back telling us they were 90% sure he had leukemia. They kept him inpatient and did a blood transfusion that night because of his counts. The next day they did a Bone Marrow Aspirate. They came back with the results and told us he had leukemia. The next day he was transferred to St.Jude's where he had his port surgery, and the next day he started induction. It was all really quick! Since it's been 4 days since you posted this question, i'm hoping you already went to the doctor and i'm praying everything is ok.

    Good luck and God bless :)

    Source(s): My son has leukemia
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