Hmm so the question up there is pretty god damn stupid. But i was wondering IF this were to ever happen which side would actually win? My class is studying world war 2 currently and we are to make a full page report on " If World War 3 ever occurred, which countries would ally against each other to fight the opponents and actually be victorious. " . And we must have a logic behind what we are assuming about world war 3. I hope this never happens but once against I suck in history as it doesn't interest me much and i really don't know much about militarism .


Some of my logic is as it follows

Russia and USA hate each other pretty much? So if USA goes on a suicide mission against Russia, im guessing NATO will help + Israel is America's important ally and they both sorta hate the muslim world so im guessing israel will aid America .

India and Pakistan have had trouble keeping their asses off each others border and they simply hate each other as well. I believe China will aid Pakistan because of Sino-Indian war.

South Korea and North Korea dislike each other because of the Korean War.

Heres my logic behind these certain alliances. Please note** i picked these countries because they have high ranks and a deadly reputation in the world regarding their armies. Btw feel free to add other allying countries such as Australia, Brazil, Japan and etc ...

And if i were ever asked this quesiton, my vote would simply go to USA NATO INDIA SOUTH KOREA ISRAEL. Why?

Israel, NATO, USA = High tech + very well trained

India = Manpower, somewhat technology, trained

South Korea = LOL, no reason .

In comparison with :

China = manpower, somewhat technology, maybe Kung Fu may help? O.o

Russia = well trained, manpower, technology

North Korea = manpower ( i heard somewhere they can prepare 10 MILLION soldiers in a day ! O.o )

Pakistan = Somewhat manpower, somewhat tech ( i would place china's tech above india, but pakistan's tech below india ) trained



Update 2:

Tyvm guys, and yes i sorta realized where i was wrong at some points such as USA and Russia , India and China but anyways glad you all cleared up my mistakes ! Thank-You :)

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  • 8 years ago
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    Your Logic is flawed.

    India and China no longer hate one another. India and China have a lot of trade going on, so it would disastrous for both to go to war. Russia and the US no longer hate one another, That was the cold war, Also Russia and India have an alliance so they would not fight one another. . They actually like one another. I agree with you here that USA NATO INDIA SOUTH KOREA ISRAEL would win, Pakistan is not much of a threat. India would destroy them and then turn to China, That would be interesting to watch, Both are very powerful. But with Pak out, NATO and the US would turn its attention to China and Russia, No way they can survive. 2 superpowers vs 2 superpowers+ NATO. It would be very tough but US, India etc take it. Also it would be bad for the world if these countries went to war, India provides IT equipment, food etc, China provides a wider range of stuff etc. So the world economy would suffer.


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  • ridder
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    3 years ago

    India Nato

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  • 8 years ago

    Why are USA always fighting China.

    How about a war that didn't involved China and Russia.

    I'm pretty sure that is more likely.

    After the 1990's Russia's economy got destroyed.

    And China won't want to waste money on war when they are going so well already.

    But the US would like to strectch their legs a bit and start a war.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Well a war as such is out of question..but if it has to happen, the greatest probability is an indo pak one where us nato israel russia will side with india while china arab countries and all muslim states will side with pakistan...indians have a very strong pro israelness while the indian government sided with non alligned movement and opposed israel...the war can either begin from indo pak or israel...other possibilities are mere speculations...by the way america has good relations with both india and pak..china has territorial disputes with all neighbouring nations including india...nato may or may not side with india or israel..but probably us will..japan has disputes with china..and good relations with india(buddhism etc.)..the exiled tibetan leader..the dalai lama.. stays in india...australia may side with pakistan, canada might side with pakistan...afghanistan will have divided opinions...african union..can't say...the greatest threat by the way is not a world war but organised jihad...every non muslim nation has a sizeable fundamental pro jihadi population which needs to be contained...it needs to be kept in mind that countries like india has a 17% muslim population..but the growth rate is much higher...and the government fears them, thats why india voted against israel in unga...even a minority islamic population can be strong enough to control a nation...they are well trained in organised terrorism...so just pak arab can be sufficient to contain us indo israel russia without chinese cooperation...if internal elements can be destabilized....israel right now is in a great threat...threat to extinction...india is threatened by rapidly reproducing muslim population...islam taking over government

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  • You're stupid. Russia is allied with India. USA and Russia are not enemies and have not been since the Cold War (They're kind of neutral). North Korea's army is full of crap. They can barely fire a gun. If this was a scenario, China, Russia, Pakistan and North Korea would lose.

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  • 8 years ago

    What's with all these question "this country vs this country". I've seen almost ten in the past few days. Stop fantasizing about a war that'd most likely kill millions of people, possibly billions if it went nuclear.

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  • 8 years ago

    I don't really have an answer for you but Russia and the USA don't hate anymore. This isn't the Cold War anymore.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    You got a couple things wrong...

    The US is owned by China... so we wouldn't fight them.

    The Russians and Pakistanies don't really care about each other (as far as I know).

    Not all Chinese people know Kung Fu... and Kung Fu would be nothing against poisons and guns.

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  • 5 years ago

    Well This War Will Destroy the World

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    nato rules all they own every gun ever known to man moabs strongest non nuclear weapon and there the most trained and its one of the has over 50 countrys along its side

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