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Felipe Massa vs Lewis Hamilton, Singapore?

If you watched the Singapore Grand Prix on last weekend, you know what I'm on about.

Who handled the situation better between the two of them? Was Hamilton wrong to shrug it off and no apologize? Was it bad form for Massa to confront Hamilton in front of the media with sarcastic remarks?

How about the incidents themselves (qualifying with Hamilton cutting in front of Massa, and Hamilton tapping Massa's tire during the race)? Is Massa right to be upset, or is Hamilton just racing to win and Massa got in the way?

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    Well recently in F1, Lewis has developed a more aggressive side to him. But I do support Felipe but really there were both as bad as each other with the blame game. Again Lewis gets a penalty by the FIA (racist much) but really I think he knew he couldn't take that corner he gave Massa a puncture on but he took a risk resulting in Lewis getting a penalty and Felipe losing points.

    Massa had the worst week really because not only was qualifying ruined for him but like I stated, the race was. He got frustrated by Lewis's actions because the drivers know Lewis has been aggressive and Felipe was wanting a race without any bad luck hitting him. You have to feel sorry for Felipe, he always hits bad luck circle in every race.

    Really Massa is right to be upset. I mean, Lewis has ruined a weekend for Massa. I don't think Massa got in the way, I think Massa was just driving as normal. Lewis got into the corner and took the risk of passing. But he should know that corner is not the best place not pass in Singapore. He should be reminded of what happened to him in the 200 Singapore Grand Prix. Lewis was actually took out by Mark Webber at that same corner. So really, Lewis should have thought about passing and if he wanted the chance to pass him, it should have been on a straight instead of costing himself and Felipe the race

    For Qualifying, I think that was down to the teams. They rushed to let their cars out and since Singapore is a tight street circuit, it does have a few slow points. Really, either team should have waited like Red Bull until there was a clear track

    But really I take Massa's side. Not because its biased opinion, I think Lewis should have took him on the straight instead of in the corner which costed him the race the year before. If Lewis actually thought about how to pass without causing incidents, then maybe he wouldn't be criticized all of a sudden. I do think it is unfair that he got a penalty for just chipping Felipe but Lewis needs to learn to pass in a corner that he knows won't cause incidents for either driver. If he actually passed him on a straight, I bet Lewis wouldn't of had his race affected nor would Felipe

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    Hamilton is an idiot. He is an extremely talented driver but he needs to sit down, shut up, and race properly, and screw his head back on. Honestly, he's driving like a frigging 14 year old in karts.

    The incident during qualifying was completely brainless. IT'S QUALIFYING, NOT A DAMN RACE. It was totally unneccessary.

    I don't understand how anyone could see the incident during the race as anything other than Hamilton's fault. He chopped straight into the back of Massa, a completely avoidable accident that Massa had nothing to do with except he "dared" to be in front of Hamilton!

    No, the penalty was not excessive or "racist" (as some other idiot here tries to claim!). It was fair, and it's time someone at McLaren smacked him round the head and told him to get his act together. He's been involved in far too many crashes this year and most of them are his fault.

    As for Massa's actions in the press bay, I thought they were completely justified and if anything, awesome. Someone needs to tell Hamilton he's behaving like a prima donna and no, no-one HAS to get out of your way unless they are being shown blue flags!

    Source(s): f1 fan, not a massa fan
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    Innocently enough, it is an isolated racing incident. But for Lewis Hamilton, probably because of his desire to win, racing incidents have been normal for him, sometimes taking down people in front of him instead of safely passing them.

    Thus, if you were at the receiving end like Felipe Massa was who was out to race and compete that evening, it is understandable that you would be upset, edgy, and sarcastic.

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    The incident was just a racing incident. These things happen, it was just bad luck that it was with Massa. The qualifying thing wasn't totally stupid, but not the best move to make by far.

    I think it was wrong to give him a drive-through, especially as it was quite easy to move the blame onto Massa and give it to him.

    As to handling the situation better, Lewis did by a long way. It wasn't anyone's fault in particular, and these things happen. Ferrari have even told Massa that.

    That said, it is not wrong for Felipe to be upset. Who wouldn't. But he handled the situation badly.

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    If Hamilton isn't winning a race....he ends up colliding with someone, there is a common denominator here and it won't stop until the prick kills someone

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