New Jersey Unemployment: Moving Out of State?

What are the ramifications of moving to Florida while collecting unemployment from New Jersey. Some articles say no problem...others say I must does it work regarding any extentions of benefits in NJ.

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    9 years ago
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    Hope you have a good plan because Florida's unemployment rate is almost the highest in the US, and even if you can find work the wages are lower there than just about anywhere in the US. Over a 1000 people a day are moving out. is the official State of Florida Website. I would get the right number to call and call them directly.Good luck.

    Source(s): Author "Florida Move Guide" Lic. Florida Real Estate Broker
  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Since there is no such thing as "(Federal) unemployment insurance", the answer is technically no, you cannot collect it, because it does not exist. To answer the real question that you meant to ask, you will be able to collect unemployment insurance, but: 1) It will not be "(Federal)" unemployment insurance, since there is no such thing, and 2) The amount that you can collect might be different.

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