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Any Oscar breeders or small fish stores in Michigan?

I am trying to stay away from places like PetsMart and PetCo (because I realize that they don't exactly have the most experienced employees, no offense)

I am planning on buying two young Oscars in about a year or two (around the ages of 2-3 months) and would love to know before hand of any breeders/small fish stores in the Detroit Michigan area that I might not have a website that I could buy from.

Thank you so much!

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  • Dan M
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    I have the answer on this one!

    Michigan Cichlid Association!

    They have a membership of all hobbyists from many experienced cichlid breeders to hobbyists with a new intererest in the family Cichlidae.

    Some of the pet shops in the Detroit area that I used to drive up to from the Cleveland Ohio area are gone now. There are some left and some people who are somewhere between having a pet shop in their basement and being fish breeders, or just insanely overboard in their hobby!

    Many of them specialize in cichlids other than oscars, but I think many of them once had oscars and perhaps oscars even were the start of their cichlid passion.

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