In Calif. is it legal for one County Superior Ct. to take over Subject Matter jurisdiction from another County?

Can a Superior Court take jurisdiction over real property in another county within Calif.and demand a deed to be made out to another person in a dissolution? This is subject matter, real property,


If yes, where is the law?

Update 2:

One of the parties lives in the 'other' county, on the subject property which is not in the County the decision was made.

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    The court is not taking jurisdiction over the property, it has jurisdiction over the parties, and can direct how the parties must allocate their assets in the dissolution. That could be done for property owned by a party in a different county, state, or country.

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    They can, but they are the ones that have to make sure they are within the bounds of their authority to do so. If they are not, you can have an attorney challenge this and have the ruling reversed.

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