My liver enzymes were elevated?

My Alt was 74 and my Ast was 46 what could possibly be wrong with my liver? My mom died of liver cancer! I am worried that I have a liver disease and not going to be able to take care of my son?

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    I'm sure your doctor will schedule a follow-up exam and possibly more testing. Elevated ALT and AST is a lab finding consistent with liver disease but it's not a sole indicator of something really serious. Ask your doctor about it and further testing as he/she will be able to give you medical answers referrals.

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  • sikora
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    4 years ago

    i consider it is a harm performed via a fatty liver..if u r chubby or underweight its traditional...I determined this fatty liver while i had an ultrasound..there are signs or drugs to remedy it...medical professionals stated to me that the one means is to upgrade ur sporting activities and do activity almost always to opposite this situation and to preclude additional harm to liver...its bigger to jog and sweat out the surplus fats to avoid harm to liver..comply with a healty vitamin and by no means drink any alcohol or smoke(if u dont smoke or drink its good and well)...

  • Nicole
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    9 years ago

    If your mother had liver cancer, you should probably go see a doctor.

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