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Driving from UK to Geneva?

1 Whats the best route, through Paris or through Reims and Dijon?

2 Small hotel to stop at about half way along the journey for a few hours?

Please Help!

Thanks in Advance

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  • 9 years ago
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    This is the route I would use, and I would stop around Paris

    Take the Folkestone - Calais train to Fréthun

    Take the train to Coquelles

    Continue to Av. de France

    merge onto A16

    Merge onto A26

    Take the exit toward A1

    follow signs for A1/E15/Arras-Est/Paris and merge onto A1

    right onto A3

    Take the Périphérique Sud exit on the left toward A4/A6/A10/Aéroport Orly/Porte de Montreuil

    merge onto Bd Périphérique

    Take the exit onto A6B toward A10/Bordeaux/Nantes/Lyon/Évry/Aéroport Orly-Rungis

    stay on A6B (signs for A6/E15/Évry/Lyon/Chilly-Mazarin)

    Continue onto A6

    right onto A40

    Take exit 13 to merge onto A41 toward Lausanne/Aéroport Cointrin/Genève-Centre

    Continue onto A1

    Take exit 1-Perly to merge onto A1a toward Genève-Centre/La Praille/Carouge

    Exit onto Route des Jeunes

    Turn right onto Route des Acacias

    Continue onto Bvd du Pont-d'Arve

    Continue onto Av. Henri-Dunant

    Continue onto Bd Georges-Favon

    Arrive Geneva, Switzerland

    Source(s): worked as journey planner for haulage firm
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