State University of New York At Oswego Law School?

I am thinking of going to the above university as part of an exchange program. How good is their law school?

Could you also tell me how good the law schools at the following universities are (or if they don't have a law school):

Hawaii Pacific University

Northern Arizona University

Oregon University System

Purdue University

San Diego State University

University of Hawaii at Hilo

University of North Carolina at Greensboro

University of Miami

University of Wisconsin at Platteville

Which of these would you recommend?

Thankyou in advance


My Australian University does exchanges to other universities overseas-the above.

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    In the US, you must have a four year Bachelor degree and take the LSAT before you can apply to any Law school.

    I can't imagine an US Law school doing any kind of exchange program. Most US colleges-universities do not do any exchange program. They have study aboard programs that can last anywhere from a week to a whole semester. I doubt you will find any US Law school that does any kind of study aboard program. But you can check into that yourself, by going on any US school's web site. You can find out if the university has a Law school

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    No, you're able to desire to hold it as much as a minimum of a three.5, minimum. And Colgate isn't an Ivy League college. Ivy League does no longer mean 'stable college', that's a soccer league of 8 colleges. they are a number of the precise colleges, yet there are in basic terms 8 of them. you like a 4-twelve months college degree to coach to medical college, and you like a severe college GPA to be oftentimes happening.

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