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Sabiha Gokcen International Airport?

Selam alejkum and hello, can anyone explane me how to reach Sabiha Gokcen International Airport in Istanbul from another airport in city (Ataturk..)?

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    There is no non-stop airport bus service between Istanbul's two airports, but you can take a Havas airport bus from either airport to Taksim Square on the European side of the Bosphorus, or to the Kozyatağı Business Center on the Asian side, and transfer to another Havas airport bus for the completion of your journey. The total journey by Havas bus takes about two hours (could take more if there is traffic), and costs about TL27 per person.


    You can go there By Bus, Ferry, Tram & Metro (this could take 3-4 hours)

    To go by public transport, take the E10 city bus (about TL3) from Sabiha Gökçen Airport to the Kadıköy ferry dock. E10 buses depart the airport every 20 to 40 minutes and take about an hour to reach Kadıköy.

    At the Kadıköy ferry dock, take a ferry to Karaköy (about 1 hour including waiting time).

    When you land at Karaköy, exit the ferry dock, turn left and walk to the Galata Bridge. The tram station is on the northern end of the bridge. Use the underground pedestrian passage (Yeraltı Geçidi) to reach the station. It can be a bit confusing: in the shop-filled passage, watch for Tramvay signs, or ask a shopkeeper to point the way to the tramvay. Look for a Bilet kiosk to buy a token (jeton) before entering the tram station. Take the tram south, across the bridge, toward Bağcılar.

    Leave the tram, enter the Metro station and cross to the outbound (westbound) platform signed for Havalimanı (Airport), on the opposite side of the Metro tracks from the tram station.

    Take any westbound Metro train, and get out at the last stop (Havalimanı).

    As you leave the Atatürk Airport Metro station, signs guide you through the underground walkways to your terminal, domestic or international.

    You must pass through security before being allowed to enter either terminal. Allow at least 15 minutes to walk from the Metro station through the underground walkways, and to pass through security, to get to the Departures area of either terminal.

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    There are 2 international airports in Istanbul: a million. Ataturk Airport in Yesilkoy on the european edge of the city and a pair of. Sabiha Gokcen Airport in Kurtkoy on the Asian edge. There additionally are a pair of militia airports and a few private airstrips in the province.

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    i would check this to find out available shuttle services in Istanbul.

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    Pinar C has a very good answer, only thing I want to add to that is that if you consider taking a taxi it would cost you around 130 TL (~52EUR).

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    selam aleikom...take subway or a taxi to Taksim then take a HAVAS bus ,pay 12 LIRA and go to SABIHA

    and if I were you I would not trust the fees the others have seems they have not been to Istanbul...things are much cheaper

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  • emre
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    9 years ago

    just another alternative ...

    call a vehicle from a travel agency..

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    shalom nadja n,

    take an airplane

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