How come the Jews don't recognise Jesus as the Messiah?

I mean, they were WAITING for him to show up. In Israel (it's not like he was in China or smthng). He even pulled off his grand finale in Jerusalem itself, but the Jews are like 'What Messiah? Messiah? No, he hasn't come yet.'

I mean, they were the ones that were there.
Update: @No Chance - What do you mean proof, it's common knowledge Jews don't see Christ as a Messiah.


Now, who has a 'silly remark', cowboy?
Update 2: Well, I think Jesus needed a little better PR. Christians, Jews, Muslims, Atheists all have different ideas about him. He needs to lay it out for us to play it out.
Update 3: I wonder what was the percentage of Jews vs Christians around and after the time of Jesus's death.
Update 4: @Dr B - The Bar Kochba thing is interesting - will read further about that. It's a pretty cool name, too - 'Bar Kochba'!
Update 5: Although Wikipedia spells it 'kokhba'
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