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1.盜竊罪條例中的’相信他在法律上有權利代表其本人或第三者剝奪另一人的財產’是甚麼意思?’在法律上’又是甚麼意思?認為自己’在法律上’有權做一件事,是否即是認為自己做那件事是合法的?!!!‘代表其本人或第三者’又是甚麼意思? 2.如果我拿走他人的財物時,雖然知道那財物是屬於那人的,但認為自己是可以要,有權要的,那我算不算’相信他在法律上有權利代表其本人或第三者剝奪另一人的財產’? 3.又我年紀很小時不太懂事,以為凡是撿到人地跌了或遺漏的財物,就可以把它們據為己有,人地跌了或遺漏是他們不小心造成的損失,我以為這個是社會定律,這個行為是正確的,那符不符合’相信他在法律上有權利代表其本人或第三者剝奪另一人的財產’?

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  • Gary
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    9 years ago
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    1. In a simple way, if you take something that does not belong to you, or you take away others' right to possess something, then you will be considered a thief.

    "代表其本人或第三者" means the ownership does not matter. For instance, you are helping your friend to do that.

    2. No - based on your understanding, I can in fact take away Lee Ka Shing's car - as I can say I believe I can have it and own it.

    3. No.

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