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can you accomodate us?這是什麼意思

Is it possible for us to visit your Company this month? I will be in Taipei and Taichung betweenOct. 17-21

can you accomodate us?

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    Is it possible for us to visit your Company this month? I will be in Taipei and Taichung between

    Oct. 17-21

    can you accommodate us?



    can you accommodate us 有很多種意思。這裡是說「你們是否方便?」,也就是禮貌性詢問是否允許他們在十月十七日至二十日之間,拜訪貴公司。

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    雖然我說過 Can you accommodate us 有很多意思,可以是「提供住宿」,但注意第一句, Is it possible for us to visit your company......,這是探尋是否能參訪你們公司。你們根本都還沒同意,對方怎可能貿然要求你安排住宿?

    同時,對方另起一段,用 Can you accommodate us? 做結語,這是在加強 Is it possible... ,再度禮貌性詢問 Can you accommodate us into your schedule? 「在貴公司繁忙的行事曆中,是否能提供方便,納入我們到貴公司參訪?」

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    當然,在商業禮貌上,假如你們同意對方來訪,在回文中,客氣地詢問「是否需要提供交通、住宿安排?」這是很好的。但假如你們只歡迎他們來訪,不提其他安排,也不會得罪對方。對方真的有需要,會明白提出請你們做 arrangement。

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    In this case, instead of asking for hotel arrangement, it is more likely that the question "Can you accommodate us?" is the shortened form of "Can you accommodate our visiting into your schedule?"

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    This is a business correspondence. Before the visiting request is granted, the probability of asking for housing arrangement is very low. It is all about schedule.

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    If we limit the scope of discussion by setting a boundary between "a few Asians would do so and so" and "sometimes accommodation may mean this and that", you have got a good point.

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    However, by looking at the mail itself, we can't see anywhere that this guy is asking for extra favor beforehand. We don't even know if this guy is a "piggy" Asian or mid-easterner. This is just a normal inquiry letter, asking if it is possible to visit the company. That's all.

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    It's about time to end this discussion. I don't like the direction it is headed.

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    can't agree with Master Lion more.

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    Can you accommodate us?

    您可以幫我們安排住宿媽? (這是英式說法)

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    visitors 已經來定了!

    只是順便想拜訪你的公司( 不管你的答案是yes or no )



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    Can you accomodate us 字面上就是「可不可以通融我們?」,意思就是「可不可以給我們方便(接待我們)?」

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    Sometimes "accommodation" also includes room and board - I think you need to clarify with your friends a little bit more. You may want to include the following in your response:

    For your hotel, I would suggest HHH and you should be able to make your reservation on line...

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    Beg to differ!

    I know a few Asian and mid-east business men having habit of asking "special treatments" even before any business discussion.

    2011-09-29 05:58:31 補充:

    And that is why "all men are pigs."

    2011-09-29 20:25:12 補充:

    That was why I said she needs to clarify and have the directive I suggested in her response.

    Who knows - international business is a dangerous business to pretty girls.

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