Can someone explain the anti-abortion law that was just recently passed? I'm confused..10pts?

I've been confused about this for awhile now. But apparently there was a law passed regarding anti-abortion? I would like to get some more information as I'm doing a paper on this subject and do not fully understand what everything means.

Can someone explain this law and what it means for the United States?

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  • 9 years ago
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    its not an anti-abortion law, it is a pro life law....huge differance! The laws aim is to help mothers to be understand the gravity of what they are doing, and to promote life, by not killing/murdering the unborn human inside of the mothers womb...

    gee, I guess I just gave away my bias

    As far as anti-abortion laws go, it all depends on your perspective...for instance, third trimester and partial birth abortions are illegal nationwide. As such the laws limit abortion, and could be construed as anti-abortion. Some would say any limit to abortion on demand is anti abortion...they of course are idiots, but hey they exist. The rest of us can agree on one thing, totally outlawing all abortions...the other side of the on demand reasonably anti-abortion, and shouldnt be considered pro-life, because sometimes the mothers life would be in jeopardy if the baby is carried to term, any loss of life would perclude such a description.

    lastly, if you are doing a paper on this subject, wrong forum sister...I dare say wikipedia would be a far better resources than the opinionated conjecture and ruminations of this farce, mislabled as answers...good luck anyway!

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  • lady
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    9 years ago

    i might be wrong but i think its a law regarding a waiting period before a woman gets an abortion. I am sure that it is just a stupid law created by some rich white old man to control women.its a womans body. After the baby is born no one cares about the eoman or the baby. No one wants to babysit, buy diapers or help out after the fact. Some hypocrite decided to put his nose into some strangers uterus and try to make her life more difficult because hes high and mighty and a hypocrite. A woman doesnt need to be punished and if she doesnt want to be a mother thats her business. Even jesus said not to pass judgement. Im sorry but lots of women will die and children will have horrible abusive childhoods if this insanity doesnt stop. I believe in a womans right to choose. I dont care what her reasons are. Abortion. Anytime. Any reason

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  • 4 years ago

    this is no longer gonna ever take place, i wouldn't in any respect have an abortion myself yet before the legalized it human beings have been getting them in returned alleys and death, i've got self assurance for all infants yet i could quite see a woman get an abortion (early being pregnant in basic terms) then to offload the baby in a trashcan or kill it. definite there are 1000's of childless couples that would take those toddlers in a heartbeat yet they don't get the possibility before some thing terrible happens to the youngsters. i'm happy they have set up web content throughout for somebody to drop the toddler off, it has stored maximum of lives, Abortion is under no circumstances gonna end till women folk start up using start administration.

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  • 9 years ago

    The only one I heard was in arizona you have to listen to the heartbeat and see a sonogram of the fetus before getting an abortion but the courts just overturned it.

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