How to make a song sound Broadway?

I am doing an audition for the glee project and I don't really know many of the pre-picked audition songs, so I was going to do Edge of Glory by Lady Gaga. But my voice is meant for broadway songs, and I was wondering how I could make the song sound more broadway-esque? Thanks :)

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  • 10 years ago
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    If you excel at Broadway songs--do a Broadway song. "Edge of Glory" is a rock/pop song--and you should sing it that way or you'll sound stupid. You don't have to try to sound exactly like Lady Gaga, but if anything, because the audition if for the Glee project, you should actually make a Broadway song sound more pop like they do on the show.

    I'm a classically trained soprano. I can and do sing opera, but I would never EVER sing in a pop song in an operatic style. If I want to show off my "opera voice"--I sing actual classical music. Understand? If you think they would love your Broadway-type voice, you should pick a Broadway song.

    HOWEVER--those preselected audition songs? They aren't optional. There are reasons--including copyright issues--that those particular songs must be used. Maybe the winner will be singing them later for the show, and they need to know how well you can sing them. So, if you don't know many of the songs already, I suggest very strongly that you look them up on Youtube or find them somewhere and then practice them. If you read the FAQ, they suggest you prepare two of those songs (even if you may be asked to sing only one).

    Make sure you read the rules very, very carefully and follow them to the letter so you don't eliminate yourself from consideration from the very beginning. Rules are not "suggestions". For example they are only interested in singers over 18 who still "look" like they are in high school--not actually high school students (unless they happen to be 18).

    If you simply can't be bothered to learn new songs or to try to sing songs you might not really like that well--stay home. You will be expected to work hard and learn a lot in a short time if you are selected for the show.

    The link to the official website is below.

    By the way, "Out here on my Own" is from "Fame", you might give that a try. Also "Unchained Melody" might fit a "Broadway" type voice. It would do well belted. You give absolutely no indication of what range you have or really what you mean by "Broadway" voice. There was Ethel Merman and there was Barbara Cook--both big Broadway stars--look them up on Youtube and you will easily tell that they sound nothing alike.

    You will not be able to use a backtrack. You can only bring a guitar to the live audition (providing you play it), or you can sing acapella. There is distinct advantages and disadvantages to singing acapella. One disadvantage is that is much, much harder to sing without accompaniment to help you stay in pitch. The big advantage, is that you can pretty much pick your own key if you want to sing higher or lower than the original recording or arrangement. Either way, you need to practice your song as many times as necessary to really learn it well so you dont' stumble over the words or miss a note because you suddenly started out too high or too low.

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    Maybe some thing from Rent? Perhaps "Out Tonight"? There are a couple of others that could be well, however so much of them are duets or institution songs. How approximately a tune from Rock of Ages? Best I can arise with off the highest of my head, sorry in the event that they suck. Best of success along with your audition xx

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