United States military influencing young adults/children into the military life?

Anyone have some useful links to credible sources on this topic?


Bo Jangles

I understand that it's an all Volunteer military and that there needs to be a lot of heavy marketing involved in order to maintain this but influencing the young population that it's "cool and adventures" is completely mind boggling. Can you honestly tell me that at 18 years of age you're mature enough to make a decision to take up arms?

I appreciate what our military is doing to keep us out of harms way and don't have any intention of bashing it. I just disagree with some of the recruitment effort targeting the youth.

I'll sleep alright tonight.

Update 2:

Bo Jangles

"I was at 17. So what you are saying is that we should target 40-50 year olds? Or 25-35 years olds? or better yet those on Social Security since they have a lot of free time?"

Your taking a biased opinion not everyone in the world thinks/thought like you at that age. I'm not debating that an older generation should be targeted but a more mature level of people. Sure there's an isolated group of young adults that prosper through the ranks and make an outstanding career out of the military but I'm sure that a higher rate of people fail than succeed.


That's great that the military has served you well. I understand that there's a lot of influences out there but pursuing most of them such as college or some career wont get you put in a dangerous scenario in a time of war. My older brother himself served two tours in Iraq and is now back home pursuing a FT education.

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    8 years ago
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    This is actually a very interesting question. Everyone knows the United States armed forces are always recruiting. There are plenty of commercials on T.V. for the Army, Navy, and Air Force. I think that the youth of America will see all of these advertisements or hear about the military and think that it would be a cool thing to do. I would say the military is 100% influencing teens to join.

    Source(s): I have been trapped also lol... I'm planning on joining the air force
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    8 years ago

    Since 1973 the US has had an all VOLUNTEER military

    In order to maintain an all VOLUNTEER military...and not a draft...we need to have VOLUNTEERS

    Recruiters have to use advertising and marketing in order to attract VOLUNTEERS just like any other institution requiring VOLUNTEERS such as industry and universities

    Of course we could cut all of that out and force every able bodied 18 year old to serve 2 years...problem solved right?

    So when you go to bed tonight...say a little prayer for those VOLUNTEERS who are out doing your countries business so you don't have too...

    You're welcome...


    "Can you honestly tell me that at 18 years of age you're mature enough to make a decision to take up arms?"

    I was at 17. So what you are saying is that we should target 40-50 year olds? Or 25-35 years olds? or better yet those on Social Security since they have a lot of free time?

    War is a young mans game junior...always has been always will be...

    Source(s): Me, 23 years in the US Army
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    Honestly, I don't have links. But I think you can easily see it everywhere. Commercials like the guy above me said, and also video games. Especially video games. They play them and want to do exactly that and all these neat spec ops missions and going under cover and yada yada. Also a game called Americas Army, that is a game that is more realistic than any army game out there (of course it will never be REALLY REALISTIC), but you take tests, and play army missions with paint balls and such before you even get into the actual combat missions. Sorry I don't have actual links on it.

  • 8 years ago

    Everything tries to influence people to come.

    Be it a college, business, or the military, they will always try to influence people to join, otherwise it can't function.

    And I enlisted when I was 18 for the guaranteed paycheck, life skills, a roof over my head, and food on the table. Not because I thought it would be "cool and adventurous".

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