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Can you get into any trouble by doing this?

So let's say you meet this guy on Craigslist, but you have no intention to actually date him, and you decide to invite him over to your house. But you give him a false address in a different city, and he is riding his bike for 3 hours to get there. Can you get in any legal trouble for intentionally standing someone up?

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    Only after the guy chops up the lady that lives at that house.. You will be charged with murder..

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    That's the stupidest & meanest thing I have ever heard.No you can't get in trouble,but let's say while he's on his way to your "house" he gets hit by a car & is killed.Then you could get in trouble.You played a part in his death.

  • 8 years ago

    Pity the fool that ends up with you, Kathy....

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    He can sue you for any expenses incurred on the trip.

    But, why would you be such a nasty person to DO that to someone anyway?

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    since when was lying against the law

  • Anonymous
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    f==k y=u.

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