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Can anyone dance at Abby lee millers dance company?

I really want to become a professional dancer

And dance on broadway. Can anyone dance there or do you have to tryout? Does anyone know how much it costs?

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    Taking class at Abby Lee wont get you on Broadway. I can say this with confidence because I doubt anyone she has trained has ever danced on Broadway. To be a professional dancer you need serious training and that is not competition dance. Competition dance is all about tricks and flexibility without any strength. That is because competition dancers are not taught strong dance technique. They are taught acrobatics. Many of the dancers currently on Broadway are retired dancers from major ballet companies, or dancers with BFAs from Juilliard or Tisch or other prestigious dance programs. If you wish to dance on Broadway, you need strong ballet technique. Once you have that, you can easily do any other genre of dance with simple modifications to your training. All of western society genres of dance are based on ballet technique from Jazz to contemporary dance. After a few years of ballet training, you can add jazz, modern and if you wish tap. I wont say that some Broadway dancers didn't have their early training in competition schools, but when they got serious, they switched to more serious training. They were able to do this in spite of their early training.To become a professional dancer, you must take at least 15 hours of technique classes a week (ballet /modern/Jazz), most of which should be ballet especially for a beginner. Rehearsals or company classes don't count as a technique class. Professional dancers still take at least 3 ballet classes a week long with other classes to maintain their technique even when they are performing. Professional dancers neve stop taking classes.

    Source(s): My daughter is a professional dancer. Ballet academy trained. Dance grad of LGuardia Arts high school (the FAME school.) Graham and Horton modern trained. BFA in dance from NYU Tisch. I worked for NYCB (New York City Ballet) and have appeared on Broadway about a zillion years ago.
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    Well, on the episode where they had their showcase, the agent expressed interest in Maddie going to Broadway so it's possible that she could train a dancer for this purpose. If you want to be part of their company ("the dream team") with Maddie, Brooke, Chloe. . . then no. I don't believe there are tryouts, I think Abby picked those girls and they had been there since they were little kids. I believe anyone can take classes there though, here's the website (it has pricing information). Mintchips brings up a good point, Abby Lee may not provide what you are looking for (but whatever you do don't go to candy apples ;). I hope this helps and good luck :)

    Source(s): I'm a dancer
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    You will have to audition I am pretty saw

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  • 6 years ago

    get onto dance moms

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    I wish I could

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