Why doesn't anyone delve into the likelihood of Satan's ploy to undermine God in order to win?

Think about it; If christians are right and God is a reality and therefore able to preserve His Word to man so we could know Him better (which of course would be a small thing next to creation, wouldn't you say?) then obviously Satan would want to plant any idea he could to degrade the authority of the Bible.

Since he is the great deceiver and the father of all lies, and knows what man's weakest points are (ie, pride of life) this strategy would have to be the most "reasonable and logical" approach to preventing as many as possible from seriously considering scripture as supernatural...and in fact it is working very well.

My thoughts.

Your turn....try and be kind and leave off the usual slurs. Just give me your best shot at the actual answer. Why do nonbelievers (ie, non-christians) avoid attacking satan and instead attack the name of God?

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    9 years ago
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    Because Christians don't worship Satan, they worship God. Nor do they claim Satan is omnipresent, omnipotent and omnibenevolent. Satan is essentially just a fallen angel who apparently tempts humans towards sin.

    To summarise, atheists attack God because you call us to worship him with no proof. You don't call us to worship Satan.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    We remember that Jesus spoke in John chapter 8 about those being 'of your father,

    the devil', and we read of the 'seed of satan', ie. his own offspring.

    The bible is full of this information but most insist that this cannot be true.

    And it is not always true. There are some who are not firmly committed to serving

    darkness, and THEY are the ones we try to reach.

    We think of the old bell curve at school. Far right, all those who truly believe,

    strongly...small group (...few there be), and then the far left...those who definitely

    hate God, hate all things of God including those that love God.

    Then the center, the largest part. Shaped like a bell of course, thus

    the bell curve.

    We are all here to find out where we belong, which part of that curve we

    are on. And some are moving around, one way, the other way.

    So non-believers won't attack their own. Jesus said 'A house divided cannot stand'.

    They are getting points from the power of darkness for every move they

    make against God's people, or against God. Yet we see that some

    atheists, become 'ex-atheists'. It reminds me of one person who put

    up a Q saying that he thought Jesus was probably very nice, but

    he had a bad back and couldn't bow and would this be OK? Now,

    you should have heard the fellow atheists yelling at him that he was

    an atheist, and not to put things up like this!! They sounded as bad as

    the cults. So, satan, and his group work for God, like it or not.

    They don't believe this, but that is of no consequence.

  • Robert
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    9 years ago

    I don't think that they see the enemy for what he is. The greatest tactic the enemy has is to convince folks that he, himself, doesn't exist.

    I believe that they attack the concept of God because he doesn't fit comfortably into their world view. After all, if there is a God, then that means that I am accountable for my actions before that Eternal God. That can be an uncomfortable place to be, and most will not want to face it. So they argue and shout against it trying to convince themselves so that they can feel comfortable with where they are, even while their conscience is saying, But what if it's true?

    After so long the conscience will be seared, and calloused over, so that they don't hear those words of warning anymore. At that point it would take a miracle indeed to get through to them.

    To those that read this: Please don't let pride get in your way. If there is the possibility that an eternal life with a loving Creator is a reality, what would it be worth to you? God is real, and he really loves you. Please don't rob yourself of the chance to be with him.

  • 9 years ago

    Satan is their father. He is old Adam. All in Adam are dead. Dead in trespasses and sins. Only in christ shall any be made alive.

    So naturally, they are not going to attack their daddy;self. They are the enemy of God and his people, else they would repent and become a member of the family of God.

    They do not want that, for God demands HOLINESS and they love sin.

    So naturally they hate the true Word of God, for it is God and demands Holiness, without which no one shall see the Lord or eternal life.

    So they attack the pure Word of God. Even some who claim to be Christians speak evil against God and his truth.

    Almost none of them actually know the truth and when it is presented, they hate it as much as so-called non-believers do.

    Almost everyone hates the real truth. Especially that old Adam is old Satan; old serpent and the deceiver.

    But see, Jesus and Paul said they are of their father the devil, they are seed of Adam.

    The works of their father they will do/. What did their father do? Lie. He said, I am God. So what do these today say. there is no god. I am god to myself. His word is nothing.

    They cannot believe for they do not belong to Jesus. the ones who do love Jesus had better pray and strengthen their own faith. Satan as a roaring lion is going about, seeking whom he may devour. He roars here every minute. He is devouring many for they do not study and know God's word. That is our only protection.

    See the enemy is so dangerous, because he poses as one of us. priests? God eliminated them. (Lam)

    gotta keep law? God abolished that. Gal.

    God is a trinity ? No scripture says that.

    Mary had a baby god. No scripture says that.

    must run to some church. pay some preacher. God did not say that.

    and on and on Satan runs his lying mouth, till very few know God or truth anymore.

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  • 9 years ago

    All right, I'll have a go. In the Old Testament, Satan, by name, appears in three books. A solitary mention at 1 Chronicles 21:1 is clearly a priestly attempt to clean up the corresponding narrative in 2 Samuel, which attributes the motivation for David's divine-rule-violating census to-- God (who has played these games before, just ask Abraham.). In the Book of Job, Satan is one of God's courtiers, serving as a tester or challenger to God's assertions (and that is exactly what the word "Satan" means: "tester"). Finally, in Zechariah 3, Satan is merely a symbol of doubt in an angelic vision. Every other assertion of Satan's presence (such as as the serpent in the Garden of Eden, is Christian theological embroidery.

    In the New Testament, Satan first appears in Jesus' famous Temptation Scene, where Satan appears to be doing his job, testing the integrity and resolve of Jesus. In Matthew 16/Mark 8, Jesus similarly rebukes his lieutenant Peter with nearly the same words: "Get thee behind me, Satan!" Unlike Matthew and Mark, Luke 22 states that Satan "entered Judas", much like the Chronicler blamed David's errors on Satan. Jesus does allude at times to "Satan" in his preaching, but either in his "tempter" aspect, or as some sort of personification of when things go wrong. It isn't until we get into the letters that we start seeing various evil deeds attributed to an active malefactor named "Satan".

    Clearly there is development in the Satan hypothesis as time goes on. He is by turns, the Tempter, the person you blame all your troubles on, and the ultimate custodian of evil souls. How does this square with the rest of Christian theology? Does Satan work for God or against him? Ignoring the Calvinists for now, Christianity says we have free will, so how do we blame "Satan" for our sins? And even if he were actively campaigning to bring about some evil empire, is it not a Christian's duty to oppose him by building up the Kingdom of Heaven despite him? Where does all this fatalism come from? Didn't Jesus preach that the master expected to return seeing his servants busy at their posts? (I don't think, "Satan made us do it," will carry any weight with Jesus.) And to talk of Satan "undermining God" is nonsense. Undermine the Almighty? Exactly how could that be done? Could you possibly mean undermining the morality of people? Even so, everyone has a conscience and a will.

    I'm game to let the Bible be real, but I don't think you're arguing for the Bible. I read Jesus telling his disciples, time and again, to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, welcome the stranger, tend the sick or imprisoned, bring genuine good news to the poor, and in general humbly love and serve their neighbors, even their enemies. But I see countless Christians standing around, smugly confident of "salvation", fantasizing about life in heaven, while there are poor people starving, homeless, sick and/or imprisoned all around them. You all talk about the Bible, but you do not follow it!

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    The reason i do not attack satan is because he does not exist, just like god.

    I do not attack the name of god, i demonstrate the logical flaws in the christian religion (and plenty of other religions when i feel inspired to)

    Are you telling me to turn of my brain (resist "satan's temptation" to be reasonable and logical) and just accept the bible as true?

    Keeping christianity unified with one bible translation per language that could be demonstrated to be 100% true and accurate, and one global denomination of Christianity (an actual unified "body of Christ" for once) would indeed be a small favor to ask of a god who supposedly created the entire universe.

  • 9 years ago

    Sure satan knows my weaknesses, but the glory of knowing God, elyon is that when you live and learn to serve God as much as some do, God is with us at all times...Sin is so seldom in my life now that I have attached myself to God and connected God's Spirit permanently in my being that Satan cannot enter my psyche or thought process...The only time I am slightest bit weak is when I grow tired and and perhaps a bit harsh and that is so seldom now a day....I simply put my best armor on everyday with God and I rarely am confronted by satan anymore...Though I know that satan would love to get me off in his support and direction as He knows how much I accomplish in God's Honor...Take this all with a grain of salt and just know that there are several million in the world just like me who only live for God and care for only HIS people.. I , by no means want to impress anyone here unless it causes them to work as hard as I have and do for my LORD.....I am able to do my work for him even on my job where I am confronted with literally several thousand people per day at times...Not able to reveal my job, sorry...

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    We don't believe in Satan (mostly) or God. None of you ever explain how it's possible to attack something that I don't believe in, so as soon as you explain that then I could have a go at the question.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Those of us who are spirit-filled Christians know all about it already. Those who are Atheists don't believe in anything, not even the devil, so they are unable to delve into this reality.

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