I need your help! how would you plan to achieve your bachelor's degree? please read the additional info below?

so i have an assignment to do, and one of the questions is: " create a detailed outline of how you plan to obtain this goal within a specified time" firstly my goal is to achieve my bachelor's degree in dental therapy. but i need to make small goals in order to get to this big one, please, what are some small goals apart from studying more, attending all your classes etc that can help u achieve a bachelor's degree??

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    1. Research the degree.

    - What is involved. Do you want to do that?

    2. Research schools that provide that degree.

    - What is the best school to get this degree? Can you afford it? Do you want to go there?

    3. Research the specific school's curriculum to achieve that degree.

    - Different schools have slightly different curriculums to get the degree. Does the school you pick touch on all the topics you want it to? (Ex: Math degree could be more theoretical and history based, or it could be more computational based, etc.)

    4. Research the requirements that each class has and how much time/work you will need to dedicate to it.

    - Some degrees are harder than others. If you have to work on the side or plan to participate in sports/clubs, you might have to stretch out the amount of time you are at college. (14 credits a semester vs maybe 18-20. 15 is generally considered full time, 18 is a full load, 20 is down right insane and usually has to be approved by the departments.)

    5. Build your class semester schedules based on workload.

    - Some classes require more homework than others. Some have several projects while others are more "read this chapter and take a test on it," type classes. Don't want to stack all of your heavy project classes all in one semester or you will stress out.

    6. Alter your class schedules based on activities/jobs.

    - If you have to work to pay for school, make sure you don't plan a huge class load. Still need some time for yourself or you will burn out.

    7. Study to make it happen.

    - Its all easy to say you will study in theory. When you have 18 credits, 6 exams, 4 projects, 3 presentations, and about 12 hrs of homework all due in a single week? You might ask yourself "why did I schedule it like this!!"

    8. Get your degree.

    Is the short and skinny of it. Obviously a lot of stuff in the middle there, but that is kind of how it goes.

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