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how do u tell ur parents that u r dating a black person whith out them flipping out on u??

c i have parents that r racist n im not so with that n mind i have been talking to this guy for a lil over a year now n we r just now starting to date n i love him to death.....all i want is for my parents accept him for who he is with no probs

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    I know 110% exactly what you're going through.

    You could sit down with them and tell them that you're dating someone who isnt in your race but you love him and plan on staying with him and theres nothing they can do to make you stop loving him or stop dating him so they need to start learning now to accept it because you dont want your relationship to be ruined with them either.

    If you dont wanna do that then your only other option is to not tell them at all.

    Trust me I know what you're going through. I'm black and have been with this white girl for a little over 3 years. My mom knows because she's not racist but her parents STILL dont know because they're racist and dont believe in interracial relationships. She's hid it from them this whole time and whenever we hang she tells them I'm a really close friend of hers lol

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    My parents are exactly the same. And unfortunately so am I.

    But, If i was in your situation, heres what I'd do,

    Not all black people are evil people. In fact, some black people are very good ones and they live positive lives. If you want to accept good black people, you need to follow the best methods which work. There is no reason to have an awful lot of hatred for black people who live decent lifestyles and reject negativity. All races are full of negative as well as positive people. So, there are bad white people as well as good ones. Here are some fantastic tips on how to accept good black people in the near future.

    Do not become a racist if you aren’t dark-skinned. Black people who have helped other black people gained freedom are good ones. There is no need to hate good black people who live good lives. Black people who led exemplary lives need to be loved at all cost. If your parents are racist and don’t want you to openly accept good black people, then avoid listening to them now. Paying attention to the wrong messages could prevent you from accepting and loving black people.

    I think you should continue seeing him, but definitely give him a heads up about your family. You should keep bringing up the race issue with them and maybe they'll put their feelings aside to keep you around. Bottom line you should tell them about your boyfriend see how they take it, if ut doesn't go good give them an ultimatum. Because it sounds like u really like this guy and if their unwilling to look pass color...distance yourself

    Do you want YOUR FAMILY to be happy? Or Do YOU want to be happy?

    Best of luck doll <3

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    The thing is, if they're racist, they're not going to accept it. I understand that you want your parents and ur boyfriend to get along, but you're going to have to deal with the fact they probably wont.

    If you still want to introduce him to your parents, just prep him first and make sure he knows what might happen..

    All the best x

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    Guess who's coming to dinner? Watch the movie it will help you. You should be with the person you love and they will see how happy you are together.

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    explain to them that you really like this boy and that him being black shouldnt matter if their daughter is happy.

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