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looking for foward facing carseats for taller toddler?

It is safest to keep children in 5pt harnesses for as long as possible, however what about taller toddlers?

My son is at the tallest harness slot for his Britax roundabout 50, and the 2nd to highest slot for his Graco Nautilus seat. The problem is these seats harness children for higher weights, but not necessarily taller heights.

Example, my son is 21 months old, 36 or 37 inches tall and about 32 pounds.

Does anyone know any seat that will keep a taller kid in a harness? Do you have this issue with your toddler aswell?

Weight isnt the issue because he will be too tall long before he is too heavy. (nautilus has a 65lb harness and Roundabout a 50lb harness)

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    @ previous poster.. that seat has a shorter top harness height than the seats she has.

    The only seat with taller slots than the Nautilus is the Britax Frontier 85 BUT it has a MINIMUM 2 year old rating. You *cannot* use it with a child under 2.

    Is he OVER the tallest slots in the Roundabout, or just over the 2nd from the top and still has space to the top one?

    The Nautilus actually goes rather tall, there is another set of harness slots that tend to be hidden under the headrest, maybe you have 2 slots to go?

    The Roundabout 50 has 17" top slots, and the Nautilus has 18-18.5" top slots so you may be right that he is that close. As long as he is not OVER the top slots of the Roundabout, I would hold out til he is 2 and get a Frontier85, it has 19.5" top slots, the highest out there.

    For now, can you install the Roundabout even more upright? That will help get more harness height in it.

    Please feel free to come over to and we can give you even more help. Hard to do on here LOL (I have the same screenname over there).

    Hope that helped a little!


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