Does anyone know the name of this place in France?

When I was in high school my french teacher had a poster of this beautiful city in France. It was walled and surrounded by water. Sometimes the water level would drop and it looked kind of like a sandy marsh surrounding it. She told me the name of the place once but I forgot. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Le Mont Saint Michel in Normandy

    Mt. St.Michael

    It rises up in the deceiving distance

    Like a beacon to the wretched and weak

    As the lighthouse at Alexandria once opened the seas

    To weary travelers, drunk on sea salt and night.

    The waves crash on its forgotton stones

    Slowly washing away one thousand years

    But Mount St. Michael is eternal.

    The spirits in the catacombs sleep silent

    Remembered in the chants on the monks.

    As the ghostly brothers wander the halls

    Drinking secrets from the ancient chalice

    And tending the grapes for their moonshine wine.

    So sacred a place, the stairs need guard it,

    Winding in dozens up steep narrow passages

    Up and up to the nearing warm skies

    Til you reach a breezy gothic chapel

    So high you can hear the prayers in the walls

    And echoing in the lulling lowly waves

    Tamed and bowing seemingly a mile beneath.

    Is it a house of God or a fortress of war?

    Candlelight of hope or dimness of despair?

    No matter, for the people still come

    The devoted, the curious and above all the lost

    Searching for answers in the carvings,

    A lost soul within the tombs

    Or inner peace through the stained glass windows of time.

    ~Robyn Schwartz~ (10/23/01)

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  • 9 years ago

    Le Mont Saint Michel

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    That's Mont St. Michel. It's on the coast near the English Channel, or that area...North.

    It SHOULD have the name printed on the poster...I still remember the posters in my teacher's room...and it's been...more years than I like to admit...Cuenca Spain...I stared at those Casas Colgadas for three years! And the Côte d'Azure...I never knew that was what they called it in French!

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  • 9 years ago

    Mont St Michel. Lots of pics of it online and flickr.

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