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Anonymous asked in SportsOutdoor RecreationHunting · 9 years ago

typical day in the life of a deer hunter?

Anyone a deer hunter?

Looking for a typical day for a deer hunter. When you wake up, what steps you usually take before going out, what you do to pass time, what happens when you see a deer, etc. I understand some days arent the most excited, thats what i am looking for, any traditions you upheld over the years. What you typically do after you get a kill. Anything and everything related to a day in the mountains searching for deer...

Do you typically gut your kill, or take it back to camp...what types of rifles and/or equipment do you favor? scopes? do you typically like tree stands, or walk around, anything and everything will help here

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  • 9 years ago
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    The old traditional way involved little gear. You got up well before dawn. Loaded up a small pack with a lunch and water or maybe a thermos of coffee. You had a rifle, box of ammo, skinning knife and sharpening stone. You wore the same clothes as a farmer, carpenter, laborer or just a flannel shirt, jacket, jeans and a pair of boots. Sometimes these were kept in a cedar box or gunny sack packed with fresh pine boughs to act as a cover scent. If you had a stand it was hand made before the season opened, in a tree located by deer trails you saw the season before. If you stalked there wasn’t a deer stand and you went into the woods just before sunrise. You stalk your game and enjoyed all of nature. Maybe stop at a nice hidden stump by a deer trail to let nature get over your passing by and then move on. The small animals came out and would be running around. Birds would fly by you and land on a branch near you. You watched them intently. They are your tip off if another human or large animal is drawing near. When they scatter and fly up into the trees its a predator such as man, coyote etc. They could also let you know a deer is near, by how they would stop and listen and then go about their business. If you’re an experienced hunter you are reading the scrapes and rubs bucks make, taking note from the tracks and other sign how long its been since it was made. You work the woods ever so slowly. If you don’t scare those little birds or squirrels your doing fine. You keep the wind in your face so your scent is behind you. As you peek around a small hill you see some deer. You sit and wait and after the does pass by and a little buck, there he is, the big boy. Your heart is beating faster as you take careful aim. As the buck steps out of the brush he is standing broadside looking away; perfect shot presented. You fire; down goes the buck and up he gets to run a few yards and its over. Now the work begins……………..

    That was the old way without high tech tree stands, modern camo cloths, fancy calls, fancy scents, and all the other crap they get hunters to buy today.

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  • 9 years ago

    Wow! This is the subject of a book. Get up early (well before dawn), make coffee/tea. Something to eat. Go to a stand, climb a mountain, go to a place to watch and start glassing the countryside. Figure out with your partner(s) who will sit, who will drive, where you and your partner will move. Spend a lot of time with binoculars. Assuming you've gotten lucky, you will want to gut your deer as soon a possible. The meat will begin to spoil if you don't and it's easier when the animal is still warm and flexible. Weather is a factor here. You might have to quarter your deer and pack him out. Rifles/shotguns will depend on the area,type of animal being hunted and anticipated range at which you will shoot. I've found deer when driving, when sitting, when walking. Found them when I least expected. Also been skunked plenty of times. Have not always gotten a deer. Have shot some at long ranges (over 200 yards) but most under 100 yards. Always used a rifle with scope. Very best thing to do,if you seriously want to hunt deer, aside from reading is to talk personally with someone who has been doing it for years.

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  • hatt
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    3 years ago

    properly a number of those lazy one-eyed deer basically form of carry out eating beer all day doing no longer something. The efficient deer are out working around, being frisky and foraging interior the woodland scraping the moss from their antlers. a number of the deer do in basic terms a splash of procuring on the dollar shop (extensive-unfold because of the fact the dollar shop to them) Then by making use of midday each and all of the deer many times celebration down by making use of the ol cement pond and choose for a swim. Oh the hooting that is going on there! by making use of previous due afternoon, they're getting the BBQ waiting to roast all those pine nuts and different issues they have been foraging till now. in case you seem difficult sufficient you will discover some old deer interior the corner knitting antler sleeves for the extra youthful ones. by making use of dusk, they're all tuckered out and drowsing under wood and in wood so as that no person will see them. it incredibly is notably lots what happens in a common day of a deer's life.

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  • 9 years ago

    ok. most people put on their hunting gear first and put on scent killer so the deer cant smell you. then go out to your tree stand and wait till a deer comes up and than shoot it. then you go and retrieve your deer gut it then take it back to where you can hang it upside down so the blood can drain out. then start skinning the deer.

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