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How much extra money is earned while deployed to Afghanistan? (Army)?

I know its impossible to give an exact amount, I am just looking for an about number.

How much extra does a Specialist (E-4) with dependents make while deployed?

Is it hazard pay + a tax free base pay? I live in on-post housing, so we do not receive BAH.

I've searched high and low and asked around, but no one can really tell me. Thanks.

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    You get your Hazard pay.

    You get your family separation pay

    Your base pay is tax except for federal taxes, you still pay social security and medical taxes

    Don't know what state you are from, so can't comment on any state tax issues.

    BAH, or lack of, has no effect one way or the other - you would still keep getting it, or not, based on your housing situation.

    Source(s): bunch of deployments
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    Base Pay (Tax Free, excepting social security and medicare) + $225 Combat Pay + $250 Family Separation Pay (after the first month) + 100$ Hardship Duty Pay + BAS (Basic Allowance for Subsistence, I believe it's about 323$.)

    And access to a special savings account (Military Savings Deposit Program) you can contribute up to 10,000 dollars a year of your pay and allowances to. It has a guaranteed return of 10% per year (The returns on this are taxable, however).

    Source(s): Deployments
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