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How to write tests quickly?

I have trouble writing university exams because they don't give us enough time to solve them. The exams are extremely long and out of a 2 hour exam I'm usually 15-30 minutes short and i never finish the exam. This has become a serious issue because it's greatly affecting my marks. And it's bothering me because the grade doesn't reflect my knowledge since with an extra 30 minutes i would be able to answer everything almost perfectly. Most of the students are in the same situation as me (many are at half of the test when the time runs out, while I'm usually just missing the last problem), but there are always a few who actually finish the test and I want to be in those few. Any tips? or study methods? so i can solve the tests quickly and well? I'm desperate!

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    Thanks for asking this question! I will watch it because I have the same problem. I've never been as fast at writing as others, but I think it's because I'm a bit of a perfectionist, and I like my writing to look perfect. Are you the same?

    Most people who write quickly have crappier writing and/or spelling.

    Practise with real questions from past papers, ones your teacher gives you, or even ones you make up yourself.

    Frequently practise analysing questions. Ask yourself: “What does this mean?” “What would be relevant in an answer?” “How would I approach it?” Even five minutes spent doing this is valuable. Question analysis should become almost automatic, so you very quickly know what you are doing in any situation.

    Frequently go one step further: jot down the three or four MAIN POINTS you would wish to make. Write a practice introduction based on those main points. Again, this may take only five or ten minutes, but will make you a much more efficient exam writer.

    Less frequently (but often), write TIMED whole answers in 40 minutes to an hour. Either share them with your study group, if you are in one, or submit them to your teacher for feedback. Even if you don’t show the resulting essay to anyone else, you may benefit from it by putting it away for a week and then taking it out and looking at it critically. How successful do you think you were?

    Read other students’ successful essays. What did they do to score that good result? You can find some published NSW HSC ones in the Library or your bookstore, or from the

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