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which PRESIDENT had a tougher situation to deal with?




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    I'm leaning towards Lincoln, but to be fair, both presidents faced substantial challenges.

    President Washington, it should be noted, only became so after independence had been achieved. His greatest challenge as the nation's first president was to promote stability. This he did admirably. He was respected by all and likely could have remained president longer if that was his wish. Additionally, in critically important tasks like trying to obtain financial aid from foreign nations, Washington was able to rely on the help of other quite competent individuals like Jefferson, Adams and Franklin.

    Beyond the above, Washington deserves credit for respecting the limits of presidential duties, something that has become quite lost in modern times (by both parties). He served as a humble soldier and was respected as such. We would do well to have a candidate half his quality win in 2012.

    Still, despite the above, I'm going to have to go to Lincoln. There can be no underestimating that the single greatest political issue of American history was that of slavery, and there was no time when that issue was more hotly contested than after a Republican lawyer from Illinois won the White House in 1860. Southern states had threatened to secede if he was elected, and they went through with their threat, leaving President Lincoln with the toughest decision any president had ever seen up to that point in U.S. history.

    President Lincoln was a pragmatist, and that was what this nation needed at the time. A more idealistic man might have fought the Civil War but would have fallen short in the war's aftermath. President Lincoln spoke of the importance of welcoming the confederate states back into the fold without depriving them of their dignity. This was a view not shared by all, and in point of fact, after Lincoln's assassination, his own preferences were partially rejected in favor of more stringent conditions for confederate reentry. Beyond that, however, President Lincoln was a fighter and would not stand for the bifurcation of our nation. In modern times, presidents often posture as tough guys while we send soldiers to war to fight in battles where the result is a foregone conclusion. Lincoln, however, could not have known the outcome of the Civil War before it was fought. Indeed, a man of more appeasing temperament might simply have let the Confederacy go.

    Because I consider preserving the union during the Civil War a greater accomplishment than securing the nation in the years following the American Revolution, at least from the perspective of what the president would do to deal with these issues, I give the nod to Lincoln. However, both men are worthy of respect and should be recognized for governing during tough times.

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    Washington(during the war of independence, when he was not actually president)-He took on the greatest superpower of the age with a small ill-equiped and poorly trained army-and won

    However he did have a peaceful time(when he was president)

    Lincoln was also fighting a war for the survival of the US, however against a weaker opponent(but with great generals!!!)

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    I think the President Lincoln had the tougher situation. He had to split his country in two and take them to war against each other, then he had to try and end the war and make everything right again. He was dedicated to his country so it must have torn him in two to see his own country at war with each other.

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    Lincoln wanted a war, so he didn't have a tough situation at all. He got exactly what he wanted.

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    Washington's presidential term was relatively peaceful and successful.

    Lincoln had to deal with an entire full scale war that nearly destroyed the nation.

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