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Korean name related to music?

I've been searching for a korean name related to music since i want to have a korean name... i'm a girl by the way

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    You could always have a romanizised (English word put into Hangul phonetically) version of an English word.

    For example, you could have:

    Melody (멜로디) [Mehl-Loh-Dee]

    Harmony (하모니) [Hah-Moh-Nee]

    Opera (오페라) [Oh-Peh-Rah]

    But here are also some Korean words related to music:

    Song (노래) [Noh-Rae]

    Song (가요) [Gah-Yo]

    Music (음악) [Eum-Ahk]

    Also, 'Melody' and 'Harmony' translated into Korean would be the same as its phonetic spelling and pronunciation.


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