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Dating a divorced woman. I'm really confused?

So met this girl on and we have been seeing each other for about a month. She has made it clear that she only wants to be friends for a while. She told me she wants to take it really slow. I'm all for that because we did meet online and are still getting to know each other. I am a bit confused though.

I even organized a little picnic for us. She said it was wonderful but then she told me she wanted to do "less datey" things together. She wants more activities. Why would a woman join a dating website if she doesn't want to date and just wants to be friends? How do I handle this one? Should I address this with her and if so how do I diplomatically approach it?

p.s. As a side note, she got a divorce about a year ago (no kids). I suspect that might have something to do with it.

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    Sometimes women,( especially independent ones) are not into the "datey things" that some men think they will find romantic. I know for myself personally I want to be with a man that I feel comfortable with and do things I would do with my guy friends. She might just be over the picnic in the park thing and wants things that are not so predictable.

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    Your p.s. hit the nail right on the head. I am too divorced. I also joined shortly after I moved out. I too wanted to take things slow. You really need to know the details on what caused the divorce to fully understand how she feels and where she is coming to. By her talking to you...and agreeing to see you ( even if it is in less of a date setting) she likes you, but she is unsure of herself. Reason to join??? She probably wants validation that she still " has it" Flirting from strangers is a huge ego boost!! She could be lacking self esteem right now, and needs that added reassurance to get over her funk. If you like her, and is patient....just go along with her requests. But after awhile, if she is still in her "funk" don't be afraid to address her with your concerns. By then, she owes you that!

    Source(s): Been there....but after coming to terms with my divorce, and rebuilding my self esteem back, I am now dating a guy of one year that I met on Match :-)
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    according to danger she remains recuperating or maybe she nonetheless isn't over her ex. the two way, you will possibly desire to easily enable her comprehend the type you sense. Honesty is the main considered necessary element in any relationship, even the platonic ones. don't be rude approximately it yet do no longer sugar coat it the two. purely be honest. If she will't settle for that, then, a minimum of you will comprehend, quite of spending extra time purely thinking.

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