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Who is the White Girls Mob with Kreayshawn, V-Nasty, and Lil Debbie?

Can someone please tell me which girl Is which in this picture? It is of The white girl mob with Kreayshawn, V-Nasty, and Lil Debbie. And what do you guys know about them? How did they become famous, and where did they come from? All of a sudden all my friends are listening to them. Anyone got info on them?

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    I can't see your picture :( but this is them

    The three makeup The White Girl Mob, V-nasty is on the left (she's Vietnamese&White), Kreayshawn is in the middle (Russian&White, also the daughter a former band member - Elka Zolot- The Trashwomen), and the one on the right is Lil' Debbie (Italian&White) Aka Jordan Capozzi.

    A lot of people mistake lil'debbie and kreay b/c they look so similiar, that's also how they met a long time ago living a few towns away from eachother :) but they are not blood related at all, just mistaken.

    They are from Oakland, and they each know each other B/c they have similiar styles and so they click although Kreayshawn claims that they grew up differently and that each of them is doing their own thing regarding fame. For ex. Kreayshawn attended Berkeley doin Cinematography so she produces music and such but dropped out to pursue her music career. V-nasty is also involved w/ music and raps but seperately from Kreay, and Lil' debbie is more into fashion modeling, and making her style. The three of them make up the Mob, however Debbie and V aren't that involved performingly/musically like Kreayshawn, but still all really good friends if you check out their vids on Youtube =] (almost like childhood friends)

    Hope this helps, and is not too confusing :P

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    White Girls Mob

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