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what are some foods produced in washington state?

Well i am doing a school thingy and need a list cuz I am not good looking up things so i need a list

of food and it has to be from washington state

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  • 9 years ago
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    From the article below :

    - apples

    - potatoes

    - salmon (yum) (I live in Seattle, WA by the way :-)

    - cherries

    - milk products

    - roasted coffee


    Washington state exported over $51.7 billion in products in 2009. Products from the aerospace industry account for more than 50% of Washington state exports at $26.3 billion in 2009.

    Other top exports include: apples, video games, ultrasonic scanning apparatus, potatoes, wood products, silicon, and medicaments, electro-diagnostic apparatus, medical instruments, salmon, cherries, fork-lift and work trucks, milk products, and roasted coffee.

    The top export destinations in 2009 included in the fQDJ45qJHBQss

    Youtube thumbnail

    ...ollowing order: China (mainland), Canada, Japan, United Arab Emirates, Korea, Ireland, India, Hong Kong, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Qatar, Indonesia, Taiwan, Mexico, Netherlands, Australia, Chile, Brazil, and Singapore.


    Whoops. You said 'produced', not exported. But actually, it's virtually the same anyways :-)

    Source(s): I searched on Google for 'Washington State top export products'.
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