why so many divided opinions on things by experts?

I have asked and read questions whereby you will get two completely conflicting answers, but both say they are electricians or whatever, for example, so I am often left confused, is one person right and is an electrician and the other person wrong and lying saying he is an electrician?

Up is up in my book and just do not understand how answers can be completely opposite (by supposed experts in any particular field)

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  • 10 years ago
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    Experts usually have different approaches to the same problem. Their approach depends on which theories and practices they have learned. When they come from the same background, they usually have the same answer.

    In practical things, there is usually little difference, but think about the hoohaa around global warming. You can have two experts, trained in exactly the same way, but one uses one model for the phenomenon, and anther uses a different model - the two models can give completely different 'answers'. Worse, both models might be wrong according to a third model.

    As for "up is up"... Well, I live in the southern hemisphere. My 'up' is exactly in the opposite direction to someone antipodean to me!

    So, the thing is, there are very few cut-and-dried absolutely correct answers to anything - just those tha you think apply and those that you think don't apply.

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