my top 10 defencman for next generation, no negative comments, explain if you agree or not.?

1 Drew doughty, a hig skilled defencman, kinda like paul coffey, respected everywhere, a future norris trophy winner.

2 Duncan kieth, has done allot all ready, but a couple more hardware isnt gonna hurt him.

3 Eric gubransson florida panthers rookie, i think highly of this kid, has same roots like dennis potvin, i think hes gonna bring florida succes and respect again, with ed jovanaski there hes in good hands for while.

4 Pk subban, this kid is my favourite, a contreversial defencman who does what he wants when he wants, sometimes hurts his team sometimes brings his team positive stuff.

5 Kris letang, now i dont like this kid for a reason, dont know why, but puts up good points, can he win a norris trophy?

6 Kieth yandle, a franchis defencman, a star for pheonix, will he win a norris i think he will.

7 Jack Johnson, 2nd best defencman for la, but drew doughty might over shadow him in la.

8 Adam larsson, truly believe this kid will be a star, a very good defencman in the future.

9 Eric johnson, kid will be good in avs country, can he get the job done?

10 alex pieterangelo, have to see more of him first, might change my list in january if he impresses me.

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    8 years ago
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    Jack Johnson and Erik Johnson suck, Keith is not next generation, Ellis, Schenn and Staal should be on here

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  • 8 years ago

    1. agree he is a future norris trophy

    2. agree Keith will always be a elite defenseman i dont see much more hardware but i think he has enough (Norris, Stanley cup, gold medal)

    3. disagree I think he is very good im not sure he will be top 10 tho but its possible to hard to predict right now

    4. agree... im not a big fan but there is no doubting he is good

    5. agree, hes good but i dont see a norris trophy

    6. agree Keith Yandle is good defenseman who puts up points a little improvement on his defense and he will be defintley have a good shot at a norris

    7. disagree... He will be good but i wouldnt consider him to be able to be a top 10 defenseman

    8. agree From pre season play he looks like he has been playing nhl hockey for multiple years and will be new jerseys elite defenseman

    9. disagree... good but not top 10 good

    10. agree. Pieterangelo has been great for st. louis and he will only improve

    (my top 10

    1. Drew Doughty

    2. Shea Weber

    3. Duncan Keith

    4. Dion Phaneuf

    5. Luc Schenn

    6. Marc Staal

    7. Adam Larson

    8. Keith Yandle

    9. Alex Pietrangelo

    10. P.K subban

    I guess Letang doesnt fit on the list but he is defintley number 11 with Mike Green being number 12

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  • 8 years ago

    I will omit Yandle, Gormley and OEL due to team bias.... but just know they're on my list

    1. Doughty-Kid's got game. I see another Lidstrom-like Norris monopoly for him

    2. Keith-He is 28, he still has a lot of winning to do

    3. Fowler-Comparisons to Neidermayer, I think he is a winner

    4. Letang-No Norris, but I think he will be good for time to come

    5. Pietrangelo-Solid player on a team with potential. I think he will see the Norris a few times

    6. Gudransson-I agree, he has promise. He just has not fully proved himself yet

    7. Subban-No Norris, but a great physical player. However, I also see a short, injury filled career

    8 on is too hard to decide. So I end my list here

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  • 8 years ago

    Since you have put Keith on the list I'll keep my list to player younger than him. Since we are talking next generation, they should be younger than Keith.

    The older players on my list and missing from yours are

    Dion Phaneuf - former Norris finalist and leader of the resurgent Leafs.

    Shea Weber - a beast and future UFA supreme.

    from your list I'd include the two Johnsons and Subban.

    From the 2008 draft (the year of the defenseman 12 first round picks) I'll keep Doughty drop Pietrangelo and add Schenn, Bogosian and Myers.

    To round out the top ten I'll pick Hedman.

    Won't rank them because it takes longer for a defenseman to achieve NHL readiness that it takes a forward. But I see Five Norris winners on my list.

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  • 8 years ago

    Larsson will out shine all of these guys...good picks though.

    Source(s): Devils fan
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