for my geography homework i have to write a page on, 'why are there now more opportunities for people to take more holidays?' my dad has gave me some basic ideas but not enough to write a page, if you could write some for me giving me some good explanations it will be much appreciated! xx PLEASE DONT IGNORE THIS IF YOU THOUGHT IT WAS SOMETHING MORE FUN! help me

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    8 years ago
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    Holidays abroad are pretty cheap, I've seen apartments in Spain, Tenerife and Greece (and probably many other popular holiday places) with a 7 night stay in an ok-looking apartment for only £200. Book soon enough in advance and you can get pretty good flight deals, too.

    Where my hubby works it's quite stressful as they're short-staffed, we go on holidays so he can relax from that and forget about work for a week or two. In smaller companies where there are only several members of staff, they'll work really hard and will deserve a good break every now and then.

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