Calculate the de Broglie wavelength associated with a muon traveling at a velocity of 8.85×10^5 cm/s?


i literally have no idea what this is.

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  • 9 years ago
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    In order to do this, you must first know the mass of the muon, which isn't given here.

    EDIT: I found it in a college physics text, the mass is 206.77 times the mass of an

    electron,which the same text gives as 9.108 * 10**-28 gram. So the mass of a muon

    is 1.883 * 10**-25 grams (to 3 decimal places).

    The formula for the deBroglie wavelength (w) is: w = h/p = h/mv, where p is the

    particle's momentum, equal to the product of mass (m) and velocity (v). We can find

    p = mv = (1.883 * 10**-25 gm)(8.85 * 10**5 cm/sec) = 1.666 * 10**10**-19 g-cm/sec.

    h is Planck's constant, equal to 6.625 * 10**-27 erg-sec.

    If we divide Planck's constant by p, we get the wavelength in cm.

    w = (6.625 * 10**-27)/(1.666 * 10**-19) = 3.976 * 10**-8 cm.

    If you want to convert to meters, just divide by 100.

    Hope this helps, and that you understand the steps above.

    Source(s): college physics
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