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Is there any possibility of US-Pakistan war?

Heard on television that U.S has proof of Pakistan's involvement in Afghanistan attacks on NATO and US army. And support some groups.

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    9 years ago
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    HOPE that happens while pakistan remains an islamic terrorist country but sadly enough pakis are very surreptitious creatures . As soon as Americans complain about paki terrorism - they will pretend to kill some 'terrorists' ( which they themselves manufactured but put fake labels out there 'made in Arabia and distributed by Afganistan' )

    Pakis. work like this ....using the money collected from US and other 'dirty and untraceable' means , they will conceive , finance and actually bring to existence different islamic militant groups like al qeuida ( which is NOT an Arab / Afganistan based group but actually TOTALLY conceived by pakis using a 'made in arabia' and 'distributed by afgans' label ), lashkar-e-toiba, jaesh -e-hakeem or whatever the crap its called, haratool e hansar, students islamic movement of india ( SIMI ) and the indian national congress ( and similar political parties all of which sound like they legally are allowed to exist but are actually 'power stooges

    ' controlled by the islamic pakistani agenda ) . Once the group becomes evident enough so it starts 'hurting' US interests , it will pretend to 'arrest and kill' some members of the group as parts of its commitment to be 'Americans ally in the War against terror' . But by the time it has killed the group leaders - it will have TRANSFERRED the knowledge and training of those dispensable leaders to other, newer, incumbents and the process just keeps going on and on and on.

    Isi- is pretty comparable to KGB when it comes to subverting US Senators

    and making them lobby for pakis. Few names that come to mind are Dan Burton - the Senator from Indiana . He was pakistan isi's 'man in Havana'. pakis used him extensively to 'market' the idea to fund it so that communist influence in SE Asian can be controlled. Obviously they succeeded in doing a LOT more to US Foreign policy than just that .

    Here is some more info on pakis -not of immediate relevance but just to enhance info in context.

    Pakistan == Parasite since it started to exist.

    Taking of good stuff ...well depending on if you have a pedophile appetite ... you can find a lot of unfortunate minors in the red light area for prostitution. It has been in the mogul culture since centuries - prostitution and child sex trade . Lots and Lotsa cheap drugs . Lots of fake US Dollar bills. Lots of cheap arms and detonators -depending on whether you want to strap em to your hinney and go on a bombing spree...and finally a HUGE AND MASSIVELY EXPANDING Islamic population that reads quran 10-15 times day and swears jihad against Israel and US

    so here is what I have - 'common' associations w pakistan

    - PAKISTAN CREATED-NURTURED-SUSTAINED AL -QUEIDA USING ARABS AND AFGHANS AS "FRONT MEN" to mislead the world in thinking Al Queida has nothing to do with Pakistan. 9/11 IS A RESULT OF A PAKISTAN DREAM COME TRUE.


    -Women for sale


    -Fake US dollar bills




    -Men in beard with white caps burning us and israel flags

    -Christian missionaries like Pearl Daniel being murdered openly and videos

    distributed all over globe.

    -The worlds most pungent body odor as most people will not have bath for > 1 month for religious reasons

    -All minority religions being systemically discriminated and sodomized by the state & the people

    Esp the murder of christian missionaries

    -More than 100 men filling up and open truck armed with ak-47's and that barely manages to move at 10mph .

    -Open burning of trash and fecal matter . Lack of adequate sanitary standards and sanitation.

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  • Well if Pakistan is going to start stuff.. they shouldn't be starting with the US..there could be war. The US government has been sending billions of dollars to Pakistan to help them for years.. I've been against it.. and this is the thanks the US gets. The government should have known better than to be aiding terrorists in the first place. ''Obama's friends''.. well that's what he called them just 5 months ago. I thought that was strange ..then.

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  • 9 years ago

    Even if the USA is more powerful on the military side, I do not think they are foolish enough to wage war with a country which has nuclear powers and where they have almost nothing to get (not that much fuel to steal, no heroin plantation to control). Sorry for the sarcasm but I do feel that this Afghan and Iraq war has resulted in more US Lost than gain when we consider how many troops are dying for useless reasons. What is the government doing with these guys? To maintain security on lands where terrorism was advocated? And who is at lost when we consider the lives being lost?

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  • 9 years ago

    Pakistan has nothing much to loose so they would make every effort to win the war.2ndly emerging super-economy China is with Pakistan and i guess they both have nukes.

    Source(s): nukes-nukes :)
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  • 9 years ago

    I would like to say no, but then I'd never have imagined the US getting involved in Libya.

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  • 9 years ago

    it would be very short since we fund their military

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