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Why are people closed-minded?

From a psychological standpoint, if possible. I'd like some facts on the matter, rather than just opinions.

I'd like to know why people feel that things people are not used to are automatically bad things. For example, people who only enjoy one certain type of thing. My brother is a very closed minded person. I'll show him a game I enjoy, but he wouldnt touch it if it wasn't a violent first person shooter. I'll introduce to him a show or song I like, and from the first few seconds he will enjoy it, only to find out later on that the words are in Japanese. He will then shun it like it was the plague.

I'm sure it's not only with things from other countries, but new types of music, genres of literature, kinds of video games, etc. I want to know what makes people feel that if it's different from things they already know and like, it's automatically something bad. Especially when it's something they could enjoy if they gave it a chance. Why are people quick to judge things?

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    Simplest answer ... FEAR.

    Closed-mindedness is a form of prejudice that prevents people from acknowledging things outside of their realm of understanding. Most people are afraid to step out of their "comfort zone" and consider there are other valid points of view outside of the ones they hold. Or there are other things they may like as well, or better, than the things they currently like, and often feel it would be a "betrayal" of sorts to the things, opinions, people, etc. they have been consistently "loyal" to, and they don't want to "hurt" or otherwise disappoint. Some people prefer closed-mindedness as a form of unacknowledged willful ignorance ... they remain happy in their own world, seeing only what they want their own way. Other people simply accept what they are taught and told by others they trust and see no reason to question it ... and still others do it because they fear some form of punishment for not sticking to specific teachings or rules.

    It applies to pretty much everything.

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    I think that some people are just like that. id ont know in regards to psych so much, but I think its just socialised into then to be a particular way. It's easy. They find and base their identity on that. And that's it. Really it is them that is missing out and you can't change that. Some people are just more influenced by society and 'groups' than others.

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    It's jus the way their mind works.. I'm very closed minded but I don't care. It's who I am.

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    The fact is you can't change people or let alone there minds. i am sorry there are people who are closed minded. i know to many and to many who are di vorced.

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