I am thinking about buying an electric car.?

What is a safe, affordable electric car?

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  • 10 years ago
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    Due to the fact electric cars are very NEW to the market, insufficient data is available on which electric cars have the fewest major breakdowns and are thus the safest to drive. The electric cars available on the market today include:

    Chevrolet Volt

    Nissan Leaf

    Geely C30 Drive E

    A lot more electric cars are due to hit the stores in 2012 including ones by major manufacturers such as Toyota, Honda, Ford, Hyundai & BYD. So if you want to wait one more year, you will have a much larger selection but as of now, the above 3 pure electric vehicles are available for sale.

  • GABY
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    10 years ago

    Very good cars for short trips if you don't need a lot of room. They do move pollution from the city out to the power plant location, and actually reduce pollution some as well. Cheapest decent one around $40,000. You may save some on gas, but remember you are giving up long commutes or trips, and there is down time to re-charge. Electricity is not free, so make sure you figure in the cost of electricity. Also do not forget to include maintenance cost to replace batteries. They are very expensive and I suspect they will at least offset any gas/energy savings.

    Most important of all - Please do not use any government rebates/subsidies which take my tax dollars and help you buy a car I can't even afford. Is that fair? I just can't afford it right now!

  • 10 years ago

    Electric cars are generally extremely safe. So the real question is affordability.


    Don't get hung up on purchase price - think instead about cost of ownership. A typical driver will easily have to spend around $200 per month on gasoline. Because electricity is so much cheaper, you might spend less than $50 per month driving the same miles in your electric car. That's a savings of $150 per month, or even more depending on the amount of miles you drive.


    So if you think you can afford a $450 car payment, remember that, with gasoline, you're really spending $650 per month. A $600/month payment on an electric car, with a $50 fuel bill, is exactly the same thing.


    Below is a cost-of-ownership calculator for both electric and gas cars - plug in your numbers, and see which car makes sense for you:




    Next, if the Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf still seem too expensive, there's another option: buy an EV conversion. This is a regular car that's been converted to electric drive. These cars are produced by small businessmen or EV hobbyists. Here's a page about EV conversions:



    Source(s): * I'm an EV hobbyist. I own both a pure EV and a Chevy Volt. The numbers above are real, no guessing. I drive these cars. * Good source for EV info (like why coal powerplants don't matter.) * http://www.squidoo.com/cheap-electric-car
  • knodel
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    4 years ago

    i think of you spoke back your guy or woman question amusingly properly :o) you would be combating to purchase gasoline, it truly is going to likely be electric and sluggish, there will be long queues. when you end the smokey Francis Bacon crisps, 3 cups of coffee and a Snickers bar, you ultimately get plugged in and have time for a MacDonald's. seem at it almost in the event that they ever become a low-funds decision, all people will prefer one. it truly is the comparable argument as bio gasoline, it truly is purely a sturdy option, as long as its an option. it truly is little need in any respect if all people has one. "i'm going homestead to plug the motor vehicle into the wind turbine, then flying to Spain for a 2 week holiday on a similar time because it expenses up." Walkers smokey Francis Bacon crisps are available in a recyclable bag, so which you would be able to continually say you're doing all your bit for the atmosphere :o)

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  • bill j
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    10 years ago

    First compare the cost between a gas powered and electric powered car. You can buy a variety of nice gas powered cars for $15,000. An electric car cost around $50,000. However, if you qualify and are willing to do all the paperwork required by the government you can get a government subsidy that brings the cost down to around $40,000. Gas $15k verses electric at $40k. That's a difference of about $25k. But wait. Think of all the money you save by not buying gas.

    Lets do a little 4th grade math. If gas cost $4 a gallon and you use 25 gallons a week that's $100 a week. Times 52 weeks is $5,200 a year. Times 5 years is $26,000. So in 5 years you have saved about $1,000. Assuming that electricity is free.

    So for 5 years you have been driving around in a sardine can that has limited range, limited passenger room, limited cargo room, limited weight carrying ability, and has no air conditioner. Sorry, it uses too much power for an electric car. And you have to be careful about driving at night. Those headlights use electricity and will further limit your range. But hey, you saved $1,000 right? Well, not really.

    At the 5 year mark it's time to change the batteries. They cost about $5,000 to change. I guess the dealer forgot to mention that little fact to you. Here is another hidden cost with an electric car. If you go on vacation, visit friends or relatives, or just want to take a drive in the country, and plan on traveling more than about 100 miles, you can't drive your electric sardine can. You have to rent a gas powered car or take public transportation. Money out of your pocket while your electric car sits at home.

    You may ask "What about the reduced pollution?" Think about that for a minute. You either burn fossil fuels to power your car, or you burn fossil fuels to generate the electricity to power your car. About 90% of electricity generated in this country comes from burning fossil fuels.

    So you end up paying more money for an inferior car with sever limitations and you don't reduce your pollution enough to notice. Do electric cars still sound like a good idea?

    If you wanna go electric and cheap they do make electric vehicles that cost about $7,500. They are not cars so much as glorified golf carts. They seat 2 people, have a range of between 17 and 40 miles depending on driving conditions and how much you weigh. No kidding. With perfect driving conditions and if you weigh 85 pounds you can go 40 miles before you have to recharge. And they have a top speed of 30 mph and you can only drive them legally on streets with a speed limit of 30 mph or less. That means residential streets, your driveway, and your back yard. They ain't worth a damn but they are cheap.

    I bought a new Dodge Intrepid in 1997. It now has 187,000 miles on it. It's big, roomy, comfortable with plenty of power, has an air conditioner and unlimited range. And it gets 25 mpg. I drive it to work, on vacation, etc. It's been all across south and western America. I paid $17,000 for the car and if all the gas I have used in the past 14 years had cost $4 a gallon the total cost would be under $47,000. Show me an electric car that will do that and I will buy it. Oh yeah, one other thing. I buy a new battery for it every 3 years or so and they cost about $40 each. Total battery cost in 14 years about $200. Batteries cost for an electric car for 14 years would be about $15,000.

    Thinking about buying an electric car? Better think long and hard and do a little research. And quit listening to the eco freaks who are lying to you to get you to follow their agenda. Show me an eco freak who drives an electric car and I will show you an eco freak with a lot of money and no common sense.

  • 10 years ago

    bill gives an excellent answer and brings up the point ...." if the electricity is free........" which it isn't, so his $ analysis is even more correct......

    I want you to think about this.where does the electricity come from? What does your local power company burn to make juice?

    You are not really buying an electric car. You are buying a coal powered car, or a natural gas powered car.......

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    If your are INDIA, Please wait for some days. In most of cities there is no provision to charge battery ( like petrol filling stations) in INDIA. We have to charge the battery at our own. If your are living in Group house/apartment, it is very difficult to charge the battery unless you have any provision in the parking area (usually cellars). In our apartment i saw a scooter being charged with a long wire connected to their own flat. But, in the scooter the battery can be detached and you can take it to your flat to charge the same. the car battery will be more bigger than a scooter one. If you are living in independent house it is ok. Kindly go through the specification and have a look in charging part. All the best.

  • Tom
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    10 years ago

    Why? They are a lot more expensive---And the electricity to run them comes from burning fossil fuel anyways.---Not to mention your range is very limited and the performance sucks.

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