Why am I this Way When it Comes to Praise and Worship?

Christians, Why do I find myself this way when it comes to praise an worship?

So, basically, I have grown up in a Christian family. I went to Christian school my whole life, and got saved when I was 12.. I rededicated my life to god when i was 15, because I fell into some pretty rotten ways! I am now 17, and I find it difficult to praise and worship in my home church. (my mom and dad are the pastors) Our church is non-denominational, but we are rather up beat, and believe in the bible. Some would classify the way we believe as "Pentecostal" or "Apostolic" but, we do not believe that one needs to hold a certain outward appearance WHATSOEVER!... You can come dressed in pants, skirt, shorts, t-shirt, jeans, makeup, long hair, short hair, beard, uni brow! LOL... anyway!!!! You catch my drift! BUT my church consists of old people, old people, and some little kids! I am the only teen.. (unless I bring friends) So, I just started college, and got involved with Campus Crusade for Christ, and they have weekly PW services called 180. And I can go in there, in a lecture hall full of 400 college students, and raise my hands and praise God to the Contemporary christian songs and sing loudly for Jesus, but when I get in my little church of approximately 25-30 people that I have known my whole life, and they start singing Hymn songs, and old fashioned music (still upbeat.. just for the older generation) I cant do it!?!? I walk into that lecture hall, the guitar starts and I get cold chills going down my back! Is it all because the style of music? We have drums, piano and guitar at our church.. amd my dad likes when I teach him some of my Contemporary songs and he plays electric guitar for me, and I sing in church.. But it seems like the old fashioned members just don't get it...? Why am I like this when it comes to PW?

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    Contemporary praise and worship moves you more that the old hymns and being among people your own age makes you feel more comfortable about praise and worship making it easier to let yourself enjoy praising and worshipping God.

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    Hi there!

    I just want to encourage you really and say that no matter what the situation or where you are, God loves it when you raise your voice in praise and worship to Him. It is what you were created to do and there is even scripture that tells us if we don't praise Him then the rocks will cry out in our place!

    The thing with praise and worship is that we must differentiate between what we feel or experience and what we achieve when we sing out praise to God. Ultimately we praise because he is worthy. That is after all where the word worship comes from - a declaration of worthiness. You see, it matters not what you feel, worship is about declaring God's worthiness and that can be done in the quiet of your own prayers, in the midst of a large assembly of believers or in a small church singing hymns of praise to God. The same God is the recipient of that praise and the same God responds to our needs through that praise.

    Your problem at the moment is that you are determining how 'good' your worship is by how you feel when you sing. When you are around young people in a place that is energised you will naturally feel more adrenaline and endorphins which we all too often confuse with 'meeting with God'. The reality is that a meeting with God leaves us changed in a lasting way whereas adrenaline and endorphins change us temporarily.

    Remember when you first met God and how your life has changed as a result? That was a meeting with God. Think back to the last time you went to the Campus Crusade and check whether the meeting has had a lasting impact or actually whether the impact was temporal... My guess is that it was a temporary change. Meeting with God is something that we do whenever we come to our knees before Him and ask Him to meet us and change us. The 'feeling' we get during that meeting is not important. What is important is how we allow that meeting to change our lives.

    This is the wisdom of my experience as a believer, a worship leader and a child of God. All that really matters is Jesus risen and the welcome we have into the Father's arms as a result. Humble yourself before God in your small church of believers and He will meet with you there in ways that you cannot even hope to imagine. And trust me, every meeting with God is exciting, energising and life changing.

    May God bless you as you seek Him!

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    8 years ago

    idk. last year i attended the district assembly for our denomination (Nazarene) and the music ROCKED! and i usually prefer hymns to contemporary, but the Holy Spirit was there in a big way and i was totally blown away by the music. the place was on fire with the Holy Ghost! it was so beautiful and powerful.

    we have quite a lot of old ppl at our church too, although we do have 18 teens now, which is really a blessing, but the older folks tend to not be as excited when they worship. there are many in our congregation who call out praise to the Lord during worship and who raise holy hands to Him, but most do not, which i find quite disheartening. the thing is that we have a lot of long-time older members, but also a bunch of newer, younger members, some of which are just coming to know the Lord, so our worship style is always evolving. i think it also has to do with our minister. ours is not a "shout it out" kind of pastor. he speaks softly but ends up making his point in a powerful way. when he is on vacation, another man in our church preaches (well several of them do actually) but one in particular, who is actually designated as our assistant pastor) has such a different style and i notice the congregation tends to be more responsive when he preaches... and i think it's simply because he is more demonstrable in the way he preaches and worships.

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    Blessings to all. I think about Our God of love. Poem God above. It is a strange and wondrous love That God would show us from above, To give His very life that we, His children, would see Eternity. There is no doubt in me at all That God wants us to stand up tall, To fight the Evil that lies inside, To keep us from being His Holy Bride. I want to glorify my Lord, To thank Him for my life restored. There's nothing else I want so much, Than to see Him and to feel His touch. I want to die to self and find A new life of a different kind — The seed that God has sown today, Will rise up fresh that final day These thoughts comes to mind when I see the words, " praise and worship"? Thanks for your post. peace to all. .

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  • Nice Novel.

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    You got saved at TWELVE?

    You hadn't even reached puberty, and you already knew all the answers of the cosmos?

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