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Need a solution to keep a dog chain from tangling.?

First off I will say I do not believe in chaining up any animals let alone a dog but at this time it is the only way I can deal with the current situation.

Need a solution to keep dog chain from tangling n bunching up possibly some sort of swivel ring double sided. Here is the deal. I have a 60lb extremely strong dog. He breaks through even the thickest of those cable covered in vinyl tie outs within an hour. He is much too aggressive for me to allow to roam free at this time so he must be tied out until his testosterone levels drop from being neutered (hopefully this does the trick) He is not a problem for adults or children per se however he hates other male dogs and bicycles for some odd reason and recently accidentally bit a small child riding down the street by trying to bite the bicycle itself--the boys leg got in the way as he was pedaling the bike. I live in a rural area where most folks allow their animals--exp dogs to roam free and I do not want my dog to mame or kill another dog or possibly hurt another child or anyone, thus the only solution at this time is to keep him chained up. The problem I am experiencing is daily he tangles his chain up as he is a very active dog running back forth and around all of the time and I have to go out there and untangle it. I need some sort of swivel I can put on the end of the chain where I hook it to a tree and also a swivel for his collar in hopes this keeps him from getting tangled or at least tangled so often. I do have a bit of doubt if this would truly work as the only way I would be able to attach this to the tree anyhow would be with a master lock for it to be secure. He even must wear a long master lock around his collar as he wears the little rings they put on collars for chains to hook to within a matter of days. If you perhaps have another solution by all means let me know as I am at the point of exasperation trying to figure out how to keep him from getting tangled. He is on a 30' galvanized chain rated at 450lbs as he breaks smaller ones with ease. However I was able to purchase this chain as a light weight so it does not weigh him down or bother him to drag around.

Sorry for all the details but I figured if you knew the details of my predicament you could best help me.

TYVM for any ideas products or help you can advise me with.

PS: fencing it not an option I have two n half acres and this dog also is clever enough to climb even a very tall fence by sticking his paws into the chain link fence and climbing right over or digging under quickly plus the cost would be out of my range by a long shot. Those small outside dog kennels you can purchase at places such as Lowes or pet stores just won't cut it either as I do not want to keep him confined to such a small area and he would dig right under it anyhow. Shock collars don't even phase him the least so that is not an option either. Those dog trolleys won't work for our situation as my yard is full of trees and he would get wrapped around one in a matter of minutes plus probably break the trolley with his strength.

I also want to add that I had had him neutered at 6-8 weeks old as the spay/neuter place swore up n down he was old enough. Well a few months later lo & behold a testicle dropped--they had missed it! They advised me to just take a wait and see approach as they told me many dogs left with one testicle never realize they have one and never get aggressive et. Well this worked for apx a yr then all of the sudden he became aggressive towards male dogs even aggressive at my old Lab who was his best buddy since he was a pup! Tried training n everything to no avail so I finally just took him in apx a month ago to be neutered the rest of the way. Am praying this learned behavior he got when the testicle appeared will change him back to the loving dog that he was prior or at least calm the situation down to a controllable level.


Just cannot afford fencing of any type right now or it would of been my first choice (if i could figure out how to keep him from climbing over it lol!) We've already been the route of professional training to the tune of several hundred dollars. He would do good at the training sessions but as soon as we got home revert to same behavior. He gets plenty of exercise believe me--he is on a 30 foot chain and runs every bit of it constantly playing around with my other female spayed dog who is his buddy--he even loved her so much he dug a hole for her to lay in besides him this summer when it was hot out lol!! What gets him riled up is as I said we live in a rural area on 2 1/2 acres and have plenty of wildlife--exp deer come into the yard to graze coyotes also as well as other types of wildlife. We live far off of the road so kids riding through our yard just never happens. The day he bit the lil boy he happened to have busted his cable and was loose n roaming and I was trying to catch up

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    Please, please do yourself and the rest of the world a favor...find a good, reliable private trainer. Too many people misdiagnose the type of aggression, or mishandle the situation thinking they are doing the right thing...the result may be either nothing, or making the dog worse. Anytime you have an issue of any sort, you MUST address that issue. In this case the best thing would be to hire a trainer/behaviorist and see what they have to offer. In the meantime, it is probable that isolating your dog and chaining outside might make the situation worse.

    I would not leave him unsupervised outside at this time...you don't know what his triggers are nor will you be there to address a trigger as it happens. He does need good mental stimulation and exercise but a trolley may not be the way to go...or use it with you outside interacting with him.

    I do hope you will look into a trainer...do some research, don't hire just anyone! And get working on this right away...good luck.

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    We used to have a great trick when I was a kid. We lived in the country and had a large property. To give the dog the most possible area to roam I used to attach a long light chain to the clothes line. He then had the run of the entire length of the clothes line and a considerable width as well. As the chain went into the air above him it did not get wrapped around objects. We had no choice but to use a chain for a few years until my father could afford the time and money to fence a large portion of the property. We lived close to a highway and used this method to keep the little guy safe... he did not seem to mind at all! Of course this was 30 years ago and people had a much different view of what was ok and what was not. Cheers!

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    Oh my, that was a lot of reading! lol

    First of all, you can get a fence put up in any size you want. Say if you want him to at least have half an acre to run around, then that's what you order. The fence company (at an extra charge) can either dig and put the fence half a foot underground or they can cement the fence to the ground which will prevent your dog from being able to dig out.

    For the climbing over, you can have the fence company either cover the entire enclosure or have them attach fencing to the top to form like a three foot canopy - the dog will not be able to dangle upside down in order to get on top of the canopy.

    Since the enforcing the fence into the ground and the canopy will be additional charges, you can have the enclosure made smaller than half an acre (I just threw that dimension in as an example). Talk to some fence companies, tell them how much you can afford, and take it from there.

    Good luck.

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    I don't know where you are but this is serious. Chaining will make this situation worse. Some well known behaviorists are: Trish King at the Marin Humane Society in California, Patricia B. McConnell, PH.D. in Wisconsin. Her company is Dog's Best Friend, Ltd. Her website is www.dogsbestfriendtraining.com. Try these very experienced women. If they are not in your vicinity, they should be able to help direct you to someone in your area.

    It seems as though you love your dog and want to do what is right by him. Take the extra step now to find him the best help you can. Good luck.

    Source(s): Dog trainer, shelter volunteer
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    Neutering almost never solves that problem. It's a myth. The dog needs professional traing. Not at Petco or Petsmart, since he bit someone. He needs a professional. If he didn't bite, i'd say Petco or Petsmart is fine for basic stuff. Look up dog trainers in your area. The dog also isn't getting nearly enough exercise.

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    IMO I'd forget the chain and get a very large chain link enclosed dog kennel to put him in outside when he's in the yard. And dig a trench down about 2 feet to put the fence lower so the dog doesn't dig its way out.

    Also put a line of bricks along the trench before you cover it all up.

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    i was about to say dont chain them up until i read the rest my aunt had this problem and her dog choked it was a major health problem and she still keeps all her dogs that way i find it very sad.you might wanna get a shorter chain so it will be harder to twist around

    Source(s): i have to large pit bulls
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    neuturing isnt always the solution too this type of thing, training may be needed still

    and with this type of dog you are describing, unless i could afford an enclosure type dog yard i would never leave it outside alone, you do not know when a stray dog come by your property or a child descide too run or bike across

    unless you put him in a muzle and even then as i wouldnt want the dog wearing one unsupervised as it could hook itself up, or potentially try too tear it off

    really a dog like this i just wouldnt leave outside without supervision, in which case i may as well keep him on a secure strong line which is affixed too myself as i do work outside, and get its excersise through taking him on long hikes too make up for not having an ability too run outside

    yes i get it will be a pain, but sometimes its for the best, the one way too make a yard outside which is secure allowing him too be outside without it costing too much is building one under your porch if you got a 2nd floor one, or get one of those with floors and build a roof on it then since they rarely are high enough

    otherwise you are looking at either flooring it, or diging trenches too put the fence into, fill up with rocks before packing sand on, and have at least 6 feet tall, and with wire on top, posible with an extra part going in angle inwards like you see at the zoo's, so the dog too climb over would have too climb upside down more then rigth up for a part


    like that, just got too make sure its high enough that he cant jump it and need too climb too get to the edge, so the angle dont become a point it can jump up and get hold of with its paws

    otherwise you are looking at puting a roof over it as well if you dont want to do this

    for hooks you can use carabiner hooks like climbers use, either with a screw lock, or if you prefer they come with number locks, if you shut the screw lock properly though and get quality ones, they should hold. We always use carabiner screw locks regardless of size of dog or how well behaved they are, its the principle of the matter.

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