Someone who knows Dutch...?

Can you translate this interview please?

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    9 years ago
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    Jensen: is it true you went to the police in the past?

    Kim: oh, yeah xD

    Jensen: hey kim, what did you do?

    Kim: well,. I stole a scooter

    Girl1: even I didn’t know that

    Girl2: me neither

    Jensen: sooo, you didn’t arrange that, the three of you never talked about doing that? (aka: did you plan to steal that scooter together)

    All: no

    Jensen: do you still have that scooter

    Kim: no

    Jensen: you don’t have it anymore?

    Kim: no

    Girl1: she sold it XD

    Kim: no! XD

    Jensen: what is it kim?

    Kim: well, this is why I had to go to the police

    Jensen: did you have to go to jail or did you talk yourself out of it

    Kim: yeah, I kinda did

    Jensen: really?

    Kim: yeah

    Jensen: what did you do with that cop?

    Kim: well, no!

    Jensen: well how did you talk yourself out of this?

    Kim: I just told them I didn’t do it

    Jensen: ey kim, between you and the camera… you do realize this is all going to be on TV right?

    Kim: I do, but it’s been ages

    Jensen: how long ago?

    Kim: 7 years

    Jensen: that’s still illegal (you can still get arrested for it)

    Kim: no…that-

    Jensen: that ages? (so you can’t do jail time for the crime anymore because it’s too long ago)

    Kim: yeah, after 5 years (you can’t get punished for it after 5 years)

    Jensen: she did research! She did research!

    Source(s): I'm Dutch ;)
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    Not gonna give a word by word translation.

    They speak about that the brunette stole a scooter like 7 years ago and that she with such doing got into trouble with the law. And when asked what she did by the police she said, she didn't stole it and stuff

    She incredibly dumb tho.

    Source(s): Belgian
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