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What do Will Smith Cathrine Zita-Jones T.I. and Michael Douglas have in common?

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    I saw a celebrity birthday list today so easy answer. They all have September 25th birthdays. You forgot the super talented actor Christopher Reeve. His birthday is also September 25th. Happy birthday to all!

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    i don´t know

    listen these songs ?

    Avril Lavigne - What the hell, Smile, Wish you Were Here, 4 real

    Joss Stone- Somehow, Karma

    Leann Rimes - Crazy Woman, Swingin, Give

    Christina Aguilera ft Nicki Minaj - Woohoo

    T.i ft Christina Aguilera - Castle Walls

    Rihanna ft Britney Spears - S&M

    Britney Spears ft Nicki Minaj and Kesha - Till the Wolrd Ends

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