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I need some help in German. Please No Translate because some are inaccurate.?

To, People

Well I need to know some phrases in German. Here are the phrases:

How many brothers do you have?

How many sisters do you have?

Which year were you born in?

Which month were you born in?

What is your favourite food?

Also, plz give me examples on how to answer them.... Leave blanks where personal information should be put so anyone can just add their info in the blanks when it comes to what ever they are going to do.



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    1) Wie viele Bruder hast du? (you need an umlaut over the u in Bruder)

    Ich habe .... Bruder.

    2) Wie viele Schwestern hast du?

    Ich habe ... Schwestern.

    3) Wann bist du geboren/In welchem Jahr bist du geboren?

    Ich bin im Jahre .... geboren.

    4) In welchem Monat bist du geboren?

    Ich bin im .... geboren.

    5) Was ist dein Lieblingsessen?

    Mein Lieblingsessen ist...

    About the birthdate thing, if you want to say your exact date of birth you'd need to say am instead of im, for example, Ich bin am zweiten Juni 1990 geboren.

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