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cancer research fundraiser?

So I was thinking of planning a cancer research fundraiser. But I've never done anything like it on my own before! So here were my ideas:

Entrance: $5

Raffle tickets: $1 per ticket. (But I don't know what to raffle so ideas would be great)

braclets: $2

Necklaces: $5

Hot dogs and chips: $5

All you can eat hot food bar: $10

Request a song: $1

and have a few donation jars about the room.

Also I don't know any organization I can give it to, so if someone could tell me one... :)



And tshirts for $10

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    CureSearch National Childhood Cancer Foundation is dedicated to raising private funds for childhood cancer research for the Children's Oncology Group, the world's largest cooperative cancer research organization. Together, we are committed to conquering childhood cancer through scientific discovery and compassionate care?

    The Children’s Oncology Group (COG) is the world’s largest, cooperative children’s cancer research entity. It brings together treatment centers, physicians, laboratory scientists, nurses, psychologists and others working to beat cancer in children, adolescents and young adults. Through collaborative research, the Children’s Oncology Group has improved rates for children’s cancer at a pace much faster than any one individual or single institution could accomplish alone. The Children’s Oncology Group research has turned children’s cancer from a virtually incurable disease 40 years ago to one with an overall cure rate of 78 percent today.

    Despite major advancements in recent years, much work remains to find treatments and cures for children’s cancer. Cancer remains the leading cause of death by disease in children and two-thirds of patients have life-altering and life-threatening side effects from the currently available treatments. Children’s Oncology Group research efforts are focused on many types of cancer including those that are hardest to treat, as well as reducing complications that result from treatment.

    The Children’s Oncology Group is chaired by Peter Adamson, MD. Dr. Adamson is Chief of the Division of Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics and Director of the Office of Clinical and Translational Research at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Susan Blaney, MD is vice chair of the Children’s Oncology Group. Dr. Blaney is Vice Chair for Research in the Department of Pediatrics at Baylor College of Medicine and Deputy Director of Texas Children's Cancer and Hematology Centers.

    Donate by Telephone

    To make a credit card donation by phone or to inquire about other ways to support CureSearch, please call the toll-free number: (800) 458-6223.

    Donations can be made on this line Monday through Friday between 8:30 AM and 5:30 PM EST. A CureSearch staff member will be available to assist you with your gift and answer any questions you may have.

    Donate by Mail or Fax

    •Download and print out our donation form

    •Mail the completed donation form along with your check to:

    CureSearch for Children’s Cancer

    Development Office

    4600 East West Highway, Suite 600

    Bethesda, MD 20814


    •Fax the completed form with credit card information to: (301) 718-0047

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    Try by getting a free fundraising kit from various websites. It's a great way to learn more about the fundraising options they offer. With the right information and the right tools they can help you make your next fundraiser a success.

    All fundraising groups are going to have to sell their items to generate money. Everyone starts with selling to mom and dad then moves on to friends. The more successful the campaign means the more people you will actually have to talk to. Here are a collection of sales tips you can use to help you while you are raising funds.

    - Have fun and enjoy what you are doing. It is not necessary to have a canned speech and perform it by memory. You can talk to people and have fun with your campaign, the donors will pick up on this and sales will increase.

    - Be honest while making the rounds for sales. You are a representative of your school group.

    - People do not want to be told what to do. Your job is to make people feel good about donating to your school group.

    - When you get a no, don’t take it personally. The donors are not saying they don’t like you; they just may not care for the product or have the money available at the time.

    - For people who are nervous about selling a little preparation is key. By practicing your sales talk it will bring confidence. Again the goal is not to recite something word for word but to talk about your fundraising campaign with confidence. It might sound a little funny but try role-playing if selling is an issue with you. Spend time with people rehearsing just talking and getting past an objection or two.

    - Avoid hard selling. There is no need to be pushy while fundraising. People like to help out and also enjoy buying. You may even be able to offer them the chance to show up to school to check out the new equipment, or the new uniforms for the baseball team. By being friendly and a good representative you just might pick up new volunteers along the way.

    - If possible get a booth or a table in a high traffic area. Places like malls or local events. This will get you lots of traffic and potential donors that you can approach.

    These sales tips are good for whatever sales you might find yourself in. You might even consider these tips good advice for talking to people and relating. Remember interacting with people will serve you better than just about any learned skill taught. A little preparation with these tips will insure that your fundraising campaign is both fun and profitable.

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    You can donate to

    Make sure you donate to a reliable government institute in your area.

    Food thingy will work for sure. Try pizza. Like 2 pizza slice and 1 pop for 5 bucks or whatever is suitable.

    You will have to do lot of advertising for your event because many people don't participate as they don't know about the event. Send emails to everyone a week before as reminder, a day before and on the day of event. You can also have some guitar players in your event to attract more people.

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    start up with mayby going to a Samaritans or lifeline save and notice in the event that they could assist you with a donation tin. Make some pamphlets on the workstation and hand them out. additionally ask your pals to assist you and contribute. You under no circumstances be attentive to three of your pals ought that may assist you out and you ought to start a charity. you additionally can do a funrun or something that should get you funds additionally. i wish you have lots fulfillment and that i wish to be certain your marketing campaign(if u get one) raise off. i wish this helped. P.S My nanna died of maximum cancers so u are no longer on my own. My gran had breast maximum cancers yet she became fortunate to no longer die.

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    high grade medicinal cannabis treats cancer and stops it from growing so dont bother

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