my girlfriend doesn't get me anything?

we have been together for 11 months, in 3 days a year. last christmas, she made me a keychain. my birthday passed 5 days ago... nothing! she hasn't got me anything, on valentines or even our anniversaries... i don't expect anything, i'm not mad or upset.... i just don't understand. i have gotten her jewelry (a ring, bracelet & 2 necklaces), a build a bear & other things! some were out of the random, like... "here baby..." i got her things on our anniversaries, valentines & her birthday! never missed a special day. i love her, she says she loves me. i told her, i don't expect anything from her, i would like a cut out heart or card that says "i love you" or something.. it would be nice..... she says, she doesn't know what i like.... i know what she likes, because i notice & i been with her long enough.... what's going on? i don't get it.....? what does this mean????

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    10 years ago
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    she means what she says, she doesn't know what you like...she might feel embarrassed if it's nothing you like too, that could also be a possibility. Or she could be one of those girl that think only the guys should give presents. My mom is like that lol. But if she says she doesn't know what you like, you should trust her when she says that, cause she probably means it. I feel that way most of the time too when I try to get my bf something. I do observe him and "casually" ask him questions to get more info so as to not spoil my surprise for him lol. If she gets you something, she probably just wants it to be something that you will for sure like, so she might be "afraid" to get you something, more like pressured I guess to get you something that you will definitely like. I'm always like this too. But that doesn't stop me from getting my bf gifts, I'm not that afraid, but your gf probably is.

    And zachary is right, that's very true. An object isn't going to do anything for you, but her actual love will. I know you feel doubt from her because she isn't returning the favor, but just because she doesn't get you anything back doesn't mean she doesn't love you. A materialistic relationship is never good, if you ask me.

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  • 10 years ago

    Relax dude. As long as she loves you man, that's all that matters. Material things don't mean jack at the end of the day.

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    uh, after 11 months, thats not right. sounds selfish if she cant think of getting you something on your bday or anything like that. i would stop getting her so much and maybe she wil say something to you and then you should say somethng

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  • 10 years ago

    Wow lucky girl I buy my boyfriend the world and I just ask for letters and never get it and yeah it sucks and I still go threw it and its been 3 years for us I don't even know but once you do please come and tel me :/

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    thinking u guys care for each other a lot i would think she dosent know wht to buy

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    maybe she thinks you have everything already or she doesn't have money like that? idk as long as she loves you and shows you love that's what matters but if you really want to know Just tell her all this and talk about it with her.

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