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johnson asked in 社會與文化語言 · 9 years ago




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    library 圖書館

    There are so many books in the library !

    sale 特價;拍賣

    This store is having a sale. Many things are chear now.

    full 滿的

    The room is full. We can't put anything else in it.

    hospital 醫院

    Diana is very sick. She is in the hospital.

    playground (學校的)運動場;(公園的)遊樂場

    The children go to the playground every day.

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    used 二手的;用過的


    Chinese 中式的;中國的

    Jill loves Chinese food. It is her favorite kind.

    airport 機場

    We are taking Grandpa to the airport. He is flying to Japan.

    enough 足夠的

    I have enough books. I don't need more.

    block 街區

    The drugstore is two blocks from here.

    sidewalk 人行道

    Walk on the sidewalk. Don't walk on the road.


    famous 有名的

    Everyone knows this place. It is famous.

    zoo 動物園

    Gail loves all the animals at the zoo.

    temple (猶太教等宗教的)會堂;寺廟

    You need to be quiet in the temple.

    convenience store 便利商店

    The convenience store has everything, and it is close to my house.

    buffet 自助餐

    This buffet has so many different foods! I love to eat here.

    restroom 洗手間

    Where is the restroom? I need to go there now.

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    tourist 觀光客


    paint 油漆;顏料

    I am buying some paint. I want to change the color of this well.

    post office 郵局

    Are you going to the post office? Can you get my package?

    address 住址

    Where is your new house? What is the address?

    market 市場

    Matt likes to buy fresh fruits and vegetables at the market.

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    shortcut 捷徑;近路


    island 島嶼

    That island has water all around it. You can only get there by boat.

    scenery 風景

    Let's go to the beautiful park and enjoy the scenery.

    view 視野;景色

    If you stand on the mountain, you can get a great view.

    collect 採收;收集

    Mary collected trash from around the house. Then she took it outside.

    stone 石頭

    This stone bench is very strong.

    drum 鼓

    Lisa plays the piano and Nelson plays the drum.

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    gondola 纜車;吊艙

    aborigine 原住民

    tribe 部落

    handicraft 手工藝品

    artwork 藝術作品

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    Source(s): 我自己看大英打的~^^~, 我自己看大英慢慢打的
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