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Why did God intelligently design leukemia and then give it to little kids?

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    A billion die every year from cancer, heart disease and strokes alone!

    3 million die every year from starvation, drought and the diseases caused by it.

    200,000 from natural disasters!

    This god who christians credit with creating and causing everything seems to love killing more people every second than the number of people that have ever been claimed to have been saved by his miracles!

    But take heart since man can now not just cure many dieases and conditions it can also prevent many from occurring at all!

    My Brother in law had leukemia nearly 40 years ago and he is still with us!

    Good luck!

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    This is just another "Why do bad things happen to good people?/Why is there suffering?" question:

    The root cause of all suffering, pain, death, etc is sin. Before sin entered this world through Adam and Eve's disobedience, there was no suffering, pain, death, etc. Therefore there was no leukemia or whatever. So is it God's fault that there is leukemia and other horrible sufferings in this world? No, it is because of sin which is our fault. So in reality we are the ones who brought it upon ourselves.

    Some day when Jesus returns, then there will be no more sickness, suffering, death, etc. because there will be no more sin. But did God create the world at the beginning with suffering and death? No, it became that way cause of sin. I know this isn't the popular answer cause it is much easier to blame God, but it's the truth.

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    God did NOT design leukemia, it is a blood disease. We humans are responsible for our well being, and how we take care of ourselves is the end result. Drugs, smoking, alcohol, eating to much, eating the wrong foods, to much sun, and so on.

    If you go for a swim in the ocean and swim to far out, regardless of warnings, and you drown, it is then God's fault? No.

    If you walk into a busy street and get run over, is THAT God's fault ? No.

    Things humans do, they do it with the consequences. Yes Luekemia is not something you diliberately ask for, but it happens, it is possibly in the genes and could be caused by something your ancestors did. Who knows?

    Someone doing bad drugs today may not affect them too much tomorrow, but their Great Grand children might pay for it years later....

    Why do people always blame God for things that happen.? Put ;your hand on a hot stove, God did not do that, did.

    Blame the military, they are probably responsible for a lot of diseases, for the chemicals they make and from radiation from the bombs they dropped in the 40's and 50's..

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    God did not design Leukemia. Leukemia, like other forms of cancer, is the result of genetic mutation -- ironically, genetic mutation is the same adverse phenomenon that many evolutionists regard as something positive, crediting it for giving rise to new species. Now THAT'S something to think about!

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    When Adam committed high treason and rebelled against God, sickness, disease, sin, and death entered into the world. Adam decided that he wanted to believe the serpent rather than what God told him. As a result, God cursed the man. God cursed the woman. God cursed the ground. God cursed the serpent.

    Now, here is the good news! God made a way back to the Kingdom of God, for those who choose to come back. If we confess our sin, repent, place our faith in Christ, and become born again, then we can be reconciled with God and receive eternal life. Jesus heals!

    The ball is in your court. To accuse a righteous and Holy God of wrong doing is not the way to be reconciled with Him. It will not bring about healing. We are born in sin because of Adam. To continue to believe the devil's lies and to call good evil and evil good is not wise. To believe that we are more intelligent than the Creator is the least wise of all.

    Source(s): Proverbs 3:34 Surely He scorns the scornful, But gives grace to the humble
  • lillie
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    He didnt.

    God created the first human pair perfect and designed them to live forever on a paradise earth.

    They had everything they could possibly want. All God asked of them was obedience.He warned them what would happen if they didnt.

    They chose not to be obedient and as a result they lost the gift of eternal life.From the moment they sinned they began to age,they would get sick and eventually they died.As offspring of Adam and Eve,we all inherit this imperfection of sin. And as a result we too get sick,age and eventually die.

    But the Bible does promise of better times,when paradise will be restored and wickedness wiped out.The dead will be resurrected. And God's purpose for mankind and the earth will finally come to completion.

    Please contact your local Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses. They have a thorough and accurate understanding of the Bible and offer free home bible studies. someone there would be only too happy to assist you.

  • 9 years ago

    Before coming into this body the human soul makes choices for the life it will have. It may select persons, places, and events- the conditions and circumstances, the challenges and obstacles. The opportunities and options- with which to create its experience.

    The potential is unlimited. Do not assume that a soul that has incarnated in a body which you call limited has not reached its full potential, for you do not know what the soul was trying to do.You do not understand its agenda. Therefore smile upon every person and condition and give thanks.

    If a snowflake is utterly perfect in design, do you not think the same thing could be said about something as magnificent as life itself.

  • 9 years ago

    All cancers result from known corruptions to cell processes (that is, the cells are not functioning according to their design).

    Such corruption is perfectly consistent with the Biblical account of reality.

  • Don R
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    9 years ago

    Biblically (see Genesis & Job), He wasn't alone in His designing. Some of those with Him wanted to see the fall of mankind, and they rebelled, bringing evil to humanity.

    Source(s): Simple Logic of Scripture
  • anon
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    9 years ago

    Genesis 3

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