What are the currents of renewal that prepared the way for Vatican II?

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    There were no "currents." There was no "vehicle" and no pavement. This Council was cut from whole cloth. It had no cause, no purpose. Its only intention was to spoil the Doctrine of the Church with protestantism and MODERNISM, a theory of error, and it was manufactured by clerics deep within the Vatican . No one can bring you a "cause" which Pope Pius X did not already condemn in Lamentabili and Pascendi in 1907 and 1910.

    Intrigue against Canon Law is excommunicable, so the mischief-makers stayed hidden from sight, silent in their actions, publishing their heretical dissertations and books. Bishop Sheen Msgr. Rafael Rua Albarez, Rev. Joaquin Saenz y Arriaga, Ph.D the three Fr. Pulvermachers, were scholars who knew the mischief was occurring; many sisters left their convents in disgust--and many were asked to leave for refusing Modernism;

    Modernist Laity and clergy worked together holding secret meetings in parish rectories, inviting only certain modernist parishioners to "join" the "elite" group --the purpose to condition their relatives to accept Modernism; these meetings are nearly forgotten--but my family were the elite who were "in on the game." The vaticanistas wanted people of wealth and Jesuitian education. The Jesuits were the "engine" of the "reform," having Martin Teilhard de Chardin as their fallen mentor, whose heretical writings brought him permanent confinement in the Vatican at the command of Pope Pius XII. Jesuits were the Main Cadre of Catholic apostates against the defenders. Many lay people fought against the innovators, Bill Strojie, Bill Morgan, Paul McCabe, just a few mind you, there were hundreds publishing and exposing the heretical intentions of the hidden clerics. Patrick Henry Omlor, Fr. Lawrence Brey, Fr. Wish, Fr. Francis Fenton, Fr. Joseph Clifford Fenton, Pres. of Washington's Catholic "Flagship" University, all were doing early battle to save you all from losing your faith, your Grace, your souls.

    Most of the priests resisted at the parish level. Many later were expelled from their parishes and became traditional independents, living wherever they could find shelter, Fr. McNamara, Fr. Stemper, Abp. Bacci, Fr. Baker, Rev. Arriaga....

    You just have not done enough homework. Whoever told you that there were "currents" invented it entirely or was not born before 1940, and could care nothing about telling you any truth. I have three libraries full of proof, written by Catholics--not by Modernist uncatholics.

    Traditional Catholics of Trent at traditionalmass.org/

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    Peace and Blessings.

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